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Royal Jelly Classic Set

  • 0000303832
  • $129.00

These Royal Jelly Classics are time-tested skin care favorites, and for a limited time, you can get this set of skin care essentials for a special price. It includes our original Milk Balm Advanced with Sirtuin Activators, as well as our Body Complex that gradually releases moisture to condition and strengthen skin. You also get two specialized treatments: Eye Concentrate Capsules that help diminish the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet, and Lift Concentrate that helps firm skin over 28 days.

Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced | 1 fl. oz.
Royal Jelly Body Complex | 6.7 fl. oz.
Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules | 60 capsules
Royal Jelly Lift Concentrate | 7 vials, .23 fl. oz. each


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