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Color Looks: Eye Candy

Get to know the new, shimmery Color Look that dazzles day and night! You’re just 4 products away from making Eye Candy yours. Lovely shades of lilac and soft pinks come together in this fresh, romantic look.
1. Start by applying High Shine Powder Eyeshadow in Violet Radiance, gently sweeping from your lash line to just below your brow bone.
2. Next, define your eyes by lining them on the top and bottom with JAFRA Eye Pencil in Dark Purple.
3. Soften things up with Longwear Crème Blush in Cashmere Peony and apply it to your cheeks with a damp cosmetic sponge, patting lightly onto the apples of your cheeks for a beautiful, sheer glow.

Tip: Rub your Longwear Crème Blush onto the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to warm it up before application.  
4. Finish things off with a modern muted lip. Apply Liquid Matte Lipstick in Soft Kiss to let the rest of your look speak for itself.
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The Fab Five: September Skincare Sensations

September is Skin Care Awareness Month, so we decided to pick a Fab Five that focuses on keeping your skin smooth, bright and hydrated. Keep reading to see five products that will have you glowing into next year!

Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with the age-fighting Time Dynamics Intensive Line Corrector. This skin hydrator lets you specifically target your areas of concern for aging. A plant-derived biotechnological wonder, it’s perfect to take on crow’s feet, laugh lines, forehead wrinkles and other facial lines, making your skin look smooth while promoting cell renewal.

Done with dark spots? Even things out with the Brightening Dynamics Brightening Pen. This unique, targeted treatment makes dark spots fade while antioxidant botanicals promote a localized skin-lightening effect on pigmented areas. Get even this season!

You want results? You got ‘em! The Elasticity Recovery Hydrogel + Firmiplex Complex is a specialized hydrogel that improves your skin tone dramatically while visibly firming your skin. The formula’s anti-aging technology immediately improves your skin’s elasticity to fight sagging skin with lasting results.

Royal Jelly Global Longevity Crème is the perfect skin prep for the cool, dry months of fall. Manuka Honey delivers intense hydration, while other key ingredients lock in moisture. Give your skin an extra dose of moisture with this nutrient-rich skin saver made to give your skin the most moisture possible.
Improve your pores while you sleep!

Matte Dynamics Clear Pore Clarifier is a dual-action nighttime formula that gets deep into pores to diminish existing acne blemishes and prevent new ones from forming. It also minimizes the appearance of your pores without drying you out. 
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The Fab Five: September Skincare Sensations
Tips and Tutorials

Beauty Solutions: Lip Know-How

It’s time for another Beauty Solution! This is the part of the blog where we tackle the common beauty problems that many of us and tell you how to fix them, so your beauty routine gets a little easier with every article.

Question: How can I get fuller lips?
A nice full pout has always been a coveted look for some, but injections aren’t the only way!

Lip plumping glosses and serums that stimulate blood circulation in the lips can work wonders, but be careful; some of them are pretty intense. Test it first in a small area and wait a few minutes to make sure it doesn’t irritate your skin or cause you any discomfort.

There are also lip-lining techniques that can give you the appearance of a more prominent pucker. Try lining just outside of your natural lip line with our Lip Definer Lip Liner and then fill in with a matching lip color to turn things up a bit, no needles needed.
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Fashion Scene

Summer Wedding Style 2017

One of the best parts about summer are the romantic weddings that we are invited to attend! Warm weather nuptials are the perfect opportunity to feel feminine and dress up. The rules always stay the same for wedding attire; stay away from white and nothing too short or sexy. This summer season, lady like details dominate from ruffles to floral prints, lace to bare shoulders.  Here is your guide to being summer wedding chic this year.
Beach Wedding
Even with a backdrop like the ocean, you still want to feel polished while walking in the sand. This season, invoke the spirit of carefree romance with a cold-shoulder maxi dress in a floral print. Flowy fabrics like satin and chiffon add movement and vulnerability to this fresh style. Pair this look with a chunky heel or flat sandals to be beach chic and take a pashmina in case the temperature changes. Compliment your look with makeup that lets your beauty shine through with nude tones on your eyes and lips and a warm bronzer on your cheeks.  Finally, finish with a spritz of a romantic, beach-inspired fragrance such as JAFRA’s Nerina.
Evening Semi-Formal or Formal
This summer, for a semi-formal evening look no further than a mid-length, body conscious, black cocktail dress. Ruffles, one shoulder and strapless styles update the look for this season. Accessorize with chandelier earrings, a jeweled clutch and black stilettos, and get ready to dance the night away! If the wedding calls for black tie attire, try a figure hugging, floor length gown in a bold color, such as yellow, orange or even a shimmery metallic shade of silver. The bright colors will give the gown a summer feel while still dressing up to the occasion. Complete your unforgettable look with a luxurious fragrance, such as JAFRA’s Diamond Blush.
Afternoon Wedding
If your invitation sends you to a botanical garden setting or daytime country club, the goal is to look polished and pretty at the same time (think modern princess as an inspiration).  Try a pastel colored, calf-length, lace detail dress or a ruched sheath dress in a delicate floral print. Accessorize the look with pearls, classic pumps and a clutch. For your makeup, try something in a pink hue, like JAFRA’s Full Coverage Lipstick in Classic Pink and blend a pink cream blush like JAFRA’s Cashmere Peony onto your cheeks. Finish your outfit with a romantic, yet sophisticated fragrance. JAFRA’s Paris Et Moi would be perfect.
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Summer Wedding Style 2017
Lifestyle Scene

Every Woman

Every Woman is a series of articles where we take a moment to appreciate the strong, multifaceted women that embody what JAFRA is all about; some of them are employees, some of them are just amazing women we admire. We asked influencer, music and makeup artist, Monique Benabou what it took for her to become the inspirational woman she is today and here’s what she had to say:
1. Who or what has been the biggest positive influence in your life? 
I am so very fortunate to have the example of my amazing parents who immigrated to the United States 45 years ago. They brought their desire for a great life and tireless entrepreneurial work ethic with them. They exemplified the importance of dreaming; backing up their vision with hard work, integrity and desire to raise people up with them. Even through the hard times, they showed gratitude for what was there, making the most of everything and remaining hopeful. I learned so much watching my parents and I owe my optimistic, all inclusive mindset to them! 

2. What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome (in your lifetime, or just in the last year) as an entrepreneur?
The biggest hurdle I've overcome in the last year of my life has been handling professional success while maintaining a family balance. I had a lot of fear; of my relationship failing and of never having enough time to prioritize myself, my health and my professional career. I received some great personal development coaching that allowed me to have success as an entrepreneurial woman as well as a balanced and healthy home life.
I was able to breakthrough this fear by changing how I thought about my success.
I adopted the mantra, "Consistency is key!" Instead of focusing on accomplishing all of my goals at once - the well taken care of relationship and family, the professional success, the personal health and the financial freedom and security – I focused on, “filling each tank” a little every day. I also created "Office Hours," "Family Time" and "Me Time". Categorizing time like this helped me become more efficient, clear-minded and happy!
3. In your opinion, what’s the best thing about makeup? 
The best thing about makeup and being an influencer in this industry is the constant reminder to myself and others to PLAY! Makeup is fun; it allows us to connect with each other through that play and makes people feel beautiful. Makeup also invites one to create time to give back to yourself and fall in love with your face over and over again. I love my makeup journey and I love the community of men and woman here at JAFRA. It's one of the most fun and energizing parts of my life! 

4. What’s your advice for female entrepreneurs who question whether or not they have what it takes to follow their dreams? 
My advice to the female entrepreneurial community is to DREAM BIG, prioritize yourself as much as you prioritize others and lock into your WHY. When you’re clear on why you are doing what you're doing, you have the vision, energy and wherewithal to make it through those tough days, weeks, months and sometimes even seasons. Lastly, but most importantly, commit to developing yourself. The success and growth of your business is a direct reflection of how much you grow and develop yourself. I whole-heartedly attribute my success to this. 

5. How do you think JAFRA has impacted your life? How have you witnessed JAFRA effect the lives of others?
JAFRA has enriched my life by introducing a community of caring, inspirational people into my life! From corporate, to our super stars in the field working their business, there is no lack of love, passion and desire to raise each other up. This is HUGE for me and has given me a healthy and fun work environment with purpose and fulfillment. I get to support incredible men and women who are out there making their dreams come true, putting their kids through college and experiencing life in a way they never thought possible. I have witnessed this company change and grow people into their best selves, myself included! The team I work with at the Jafra corporate office has helped me grow into the influencer I am today, and the best thing about it is, I've been able to return the favor.
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