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The latest news in high impact nail art is all about new colors; from sheer shades and muted pastels, to glitter and graphics, your manis and pedis are going to be exciting this spring.

Solid & Chic
Sure, you can go with one color for your hands and feet, but what’s the fun in that? Tempt yourself with some new and unusual shade combinations. Light grey, mango, bright blue hues and opaque shades of pink and white, are all popular new picks. Of course there’s always classic red and fiery orange, but for a fresher take on bright red hues, match your lip color to your manicure when the occasion calls for it. If you’re ready for a little more nail fun,   use three or more coordinating color choices to paint your fingers and toes. Just be sure that your polish picks have a similar depth and vibrancy.

The New French
This year, the French manicure has gone from basic to Instagram-relevant with a plethora of creative duo-tones. Try a sheer color on nails and add bright, metallic, or glittery polish to the tips. Try an upside down take on the French look by outlining the area around the cuticle instead of the nail tip, or using a contrasting color on the moons of your nails. The detail brush from the JAFRA Nail Art Tool Kit can help you create fine lines to make these DIY nails happen for you at home.

Nail Art
The possibilities for nail designs are endless. Nails that are dipped in glitter or covered in multicolored stripes or polka dots are just some of the nail looks of the moment. If you’re getting artsy with your nails for the first time, make sure to allow enough time in between coats and colors for each shade to dry completely before you add another. JAFRA Rapid Dry Nail Lacquers help speed up the process.

Fingers and Toes
 Any of these new trends will work well in one color for both your fingers and toes. If you prefer a look that’s a little less complicated, select  one color from your manicure design to use on all of your toes. For a touch more drama, embellish one  statement nail in a stand out color or design. 
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4 Things Your Girl Squad Knows That Your Significant Other Doesn’t

Ah, you’re in love. You want to tell your partner everything, except you don’t. Why? This is probably because some secrets are better kept between you and your squad. Like what, you wonder? That depends on your history, but no matter what scandalous details your past does or doesn’t contain, here are our top four things your squad knows about you that your significant other doesn’t.   

Your Heartbreak Stories
Remember that time you spent months – years, maybe – mourning the one that got away? Spending your nights cyber stalking them on social media and crying into your cosmopolitan? Your friends sure do, and while it’s probably not advisable to get into too much detail with your current love about a past devastation (at least not early on), your friends remember what you went through. They can help you see how much you’ve grown since.

Your Embarrassing Tales
Although your significant other may believe otherwise, odds are good you haven’t always been perfectly composed and lady like. Witness that time you drank way too much in Cabo, or were so angry at your ex that you threw a glass across the room. Whatever blackmail-worthy things you’ve done (or have had done to you) are under lock and key with your inner circle. Hopefully you can all laugh about them now, because the past is history.

Your Love List
Let’s face it, you’re not in your first romantic relationship. There have been others and your squad knows the scoop from lurid details, to close calls, to secret longings. They’ve been with you through wild times and dry spells. They can remind you who is and isn’t good for you and what you took from every pairing. They can also see patterns and offer an ear when you need it with a special understanding of how you operate in love.

Your Relationship Fears
Even the happiest couples have complaints about their relationships. There are always things we’d like to change or difficulties we work with. When these arise, who do we go to as a sounding board? Our friends of course! We share the red flags from the get go, so they can keep track of our progress and remind us what we saw coming should things go wrong down the road. Ideally they won’t, but the one upside should your romance go awry, is that your squad will be there to help you pick up the pieces.

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4 Things Your Girl Squad Knows That Your Significant Other Doesn’t
Tips and Tutorials

Beauty Solutions: Concealer, Uncovered

Beauty Solutions is where we go through the most common beauty issues and give you the down and dirty on how to fix them, one by one. Keep your eyes on Beauty Scene and say, ‘goodbye’ to another beauty drama with every article!

Question: How do I apply concealer?
Not sure how to cover up? Here are a few tips to make applying concealer less confusing:

Order Up – Always remember, concealer first, then foundation. Although some question this order, it makes for a smoother end result.

True Colors – When choosing a concealer, go one shade lighter than your foundation, though not too much lighter. The goal is to make your concealer easier to blend. Green concealers neutralize red zones on your face, like blemishes. It doesn’t work as well on darker spots, like underneath your eyes. Yellow helps even skin tone overall, it’s the safest concealer shade. Pink works well to neutralize dark blue or purple areas on your face, like darks pots. JAFRA’s Imperfection Corrector blends easy and has yellow, green and lilac concealer options so all of your concealer needs are covered in one compact!

Light and Loose - Using a loose powder over concealer sets it in place and takes evening your skin tone one step farther. Choose a concealer that’s lightweight so the product doesn’t look caked on. Always apply with a sponge for crease-free application and less streaking.

Stay Hydrated - Moisturize your skin first. Dry skin can make concealer look packed on.

Mix Things Up - You can also mix your concealer with highlighter and a little eye cream for a quick DIY product that will give your puffy peepers a pick-me-up. 
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Vacation Essentials

Packing for a trip is never an easy undertaking; in fact, just the opposite. No doubt you’ve found yourself with a jam-packed suitcase and nothing to wear on at least one occasion. For some of us, the problem is wearing the same outfit for an entire holiday, even though you’ve packed six alternatives - happens every time we leave home.

Why is it so difficult to figure out what to bring on vacation? Packing is a bit of a science; more practical than emotional, and yet we approach it the other way around. Translation: The fear of not having that one perfect item prevents us from being practical. No longer will that be true. Here is a definitive list of summer vacation essentials:

1. Bathing Suit
This is obvious. What’s not is the fact that you don’t need two or three or four suits for a change of pace. If you intend to get sun, you’ll be happier with a single set of tan lines, after all. The only potential reason you may need a second suit? A two piece for lying out and a one piece for activities. End of story.

2. Beach/Pool/City Bag
Bigger than a purse, smaller than a suitcase; this will double as your all-day bag and likely your carry on. You can even slip your purse inside it, along with a change of clothes, a towel and sunscreen if you’re beach or pool bound, or some odds and ends you pick up whilst out being a tourist!

3. Cropped Pants
Dress ‘em up or dress ‘em down, a pair of loose, but tailored trousers cut just above the ankle are not only tres chic, but way versatile. You can pair them with a tank and button down, a t-shirt or a dressier blouse. Same goes for flats or heels.

4. V-neck or Off the Shoulder Tee
These tops go well with your cropped pants. They’re simple, but sexy. Enough said. On a similar note, a crisp blue or white button down never hurts.

5. Day to Night Dress
It’s easy to understand why you’ll want this one handy. Find a dress that works with your flats or your heels and transitions easily to dress up or dress down.

6. Kimono Style or Duster Jacket
Soft, elegant and maybe even silky, this open style jacket can go over your suit, dress or your shirt and slacks combo. Both options will give instant lift to any look and they keep you comfy if night time breezes fall on the cooler side.

7. Comfortable Shoes
The most important shoes to have on vacation? Go for a cute pair of sandals with enough support that you can walk around in them all day. Mix that in with one – yes one - pair of heels for evening time, unless this is a formal holiday, of course. You’ll be a hell of a lot happier and you’ll also see and do more because your feet won’t hate you! 
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Vacation Essentials

June Staff Picks

We asked our Communications Copywriter Sarah Levis a few questions about which products make her summer brighter and here’s what she had to say:
Fill in the blank: If I didn't have __________________ , I would hide until the fall!

My Rapid Dry Nail Lacquer in Raspberry Rush keeps me feeling put together (even on Mondays!)
Pick a product that makes you feel undeniably beautiful.
My Full Coverage Matte Lipstick makes me feel beautiful; it adds the perfect amount of color and doesn’t dry out your lips so you don’t need to wear much of any other make up!
Favorite summer eye look. Go!
Less is more in my book. Adding my black Kajal eyeliner to my lash line with my Volume Building Mascara and finishing up with a touch of brown shadow on my crease creates a natural but undeniably chic.
What's your go-to product for an outside summer event?
A giant hat and my Royal Jelly Solar Protection Broad Spectrum in SPF 50, no wrinkles for this girl!
Top summer skin care saver?
Summer months can brutal especially if you live in hot, dry climates. Moisturizing my face with Royal Jelly Global Longevity Crème is light for hotter days and leaves my skin baby soft.
Favorite waterproof product?
My High Definition Waterproof Mascara, of course! Perfect when you know you’ll be outside all day (and night) and I don’t have to worry about smudging or flakiness.
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