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New Year’s 2017 Beauty Resolutions

The coming of the New Year is always exciting because it signifies a chance for a fresh start. This is the time that we create goals and of course resolutions in all areas of our lives, from fitness to financial and everything in between. This is also a great time to let go of bad or boring beauty habits and create a list of New Year’s Beauty Resolutions. Besides the ever-present wear sunscreen every day, here are a few ideas to get you started:
Resolution #1: It’s Prime time
Primers have become an essential part of a makeup routine, and using one under our base makeup can truly transform the look of our skin, how well our makeup applies and even how long it lasts during the day. This year, make primer one of the key steps in your makeup routine (after sunscreen). You can even add in an eyeshadow primer for eye makeup that that pops and lasts from morning until night.
Resolution #2: Feet first
Many of us take great care of our skin from our head down to our…. ankles, especially in the cold winter months when our feet are hidden in boots. This year think about skin care from head to toe and make foot care a part of your weekly and daily routine. For soft feet add in a foot scrub weekly followed by an intensive repair cream to restore and protect. You can give your feet a special treat by rubbing a hydrating balm on them before bed and wearing socks to seal in the moisture.
Resolution #3: Clean your makeup brushes
This is such an important part of a beauty routine that is often overlooked. When makeup brushes are dirty your makeup doesn’t apply well and even worse, bacteria can grow and be transferred to your face. Make it a goal to wash your makeup brushes in warm, soapy water at least once a week, if not more- you will notice a huge difference!
Resolution #4: Blast your beauty rut
We all get into a life mode where our makeup and hair is the same all the time. This year resolve to try new colors and styles! On your lips, try a new lip color or formula; if you usually wear glossy colors try matte or vice versa. On your eyes, experiment with a new palette or switch up your liner color for some variety. Do you wear the same sheer pink on your manicure week after week? Why not opt for a bold yellow or even a metallic gold for fun?
Resolution #5: Learn new techniques
Do you love the look of a contoured face, but are afraid to try it? Do you want to learn how to create beach waves with your hair? This is the year to spend a few hours watching how-to-videos or reading articles on mastering new beauty techniques. Not only will you learn a new skill, but your beauty repertoire will grow as well!
Resolution #6: Revitalize and Protect vs. Repair and Conceal
We all get busy in our lives, and it can be hard to take the time to pamper our skin and hair. The result can be dry, dull skin and hair over time. Now we must focus on repairing or concealing the damage. This year, resolve to give yourself weekly deep conditioning and facial treatments. A simple way to do this is to shower, apply deep conditioner to your hair and cover it with a shower cap. Next, hop out of the shower and use a gentle facial scrub to exfoliate your skin, followed by a revitalizing face mask. Relax for 10 minutes, hop back in the shower and rinse hair and face and voila- in 15 minutes you have pampered yourself!
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Lifestyle Scene

Make Your Dreams Come True in 2017

Have you neglected your dreams lately? We often wait for the perfect time to pursue our dreams. We might set them aside until we believe we have enough money or time, the kids have grown up or our careers are more stable. And then some of us aren’t quite sure that we really deserve to reach our dreams, so we get caught up in other things in order to protect ourselves from fear.
Why not make 2017 the year you move your dream along to get it closer to fruition, or actually work to make a dream come true? Dust off the dream you are most passionate about and see if it still holds up.  Does your idea evoke the kind of passion that creates the ambition, focus, courage and resilience it takes to get there—or do you need to tweak it a bit.  Psychotherapist Martin Novell, a Marriage and Family Therapist who practices in West Los Angeles says, without the passion to do the work required to sail around the world, learn to play the piano well enough to join a band, or start a small baking business on the side to pay off your college loans… all you have is a daydream. “Passion gives you the potential for seeing a dream through to reality, and keeping that dream fresh helps fuel your ambition.”
Visualize Your Dream
Use mental imagery as a successful tool to keep your dream alive and inspired. Visualizing your dreams keeps you knowledgeable about how you want your dream to play out. “Use imagery to create short and long term goals and work out the inevitable obstacles and hurdles as you go about actualizing your ideas,” says Novell.
Talk to Yourself
Because fear of failure or success can easily kill a dream, use “self-talk” to support your belief in yourself and your dream.
Start by referring to yourself by name rather than using “I” and speaking to yourself as you would talk to a friend. According to scientists studying the process, this distance allows your brain to step back from the dream and all of its possibilities so it can think more clearly and deeply. For instance, you might calm yourself about a block you are experiencing writing the lyrics to a new song by saying, “When you write (put your name here) you’ve experienced some brain freeze now and then. But, you always get over it quickly. Instead of stressing, take the day off from writing.” With positive self-talk, you’ll find that the situation gets worked out effectively, and success will come more easily.
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Make Your Dreams Come True in 2017
Tips and Tutorials

5 Rules for Saving to Your Skin’s Most Vulnerable Area

The skin around your eyes is different from the skin on other parts of your face and body. Since it is thinner and lacks as many oil glands as, say, your nose or forehead, it is more fragile and more easily damaged. It’s no coincidence that we show signs of aging first around the eyes.
For perspective, consider this: On average, the skin around your eyes is .05 millimeters thick, whereas on the soles of the feet it is as much as 5 millimeters thick—the eye area is one hundred times as thin, in other words. No wonder it doesn’t stand up well to rubbing, pulling, and harsh cleansing!
As with many things in life, it’s easier to prevent damage to that delicate skin than to try to fix it afterward, so here are 5 rules that will help you save your face’s most vulnerable area:
Hands off.
The less you pull and rub the skin around your eye area, the longer the skin holds onto its youthful elasticity, meaning less premature sagging and wrinkling.
If you have nasal allergies that make your eyes itch, troublesome contact lenses, or a bad habit of rubbing your eyes frequently, address the problem and fix it!
Sunglasses, always.
It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing: If you are outside during the day, you are being exposed to the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Sunny or hazy, UV rays get through to damage the skin.
Your first line of defense is a pair of sunglasses appropriate to the weather conditions. Make sure the lens and frame are large enough to fully cover the undereye area. Wrapped styles are best for fully sheltering the skin from exposure.
Bonus: Protecting the eye itself from UV exposure slows down the formation of sight-stealing cataracts.
Wear sunscreen.
After your sunglasses, your second line of defense against UV exposure is an SPF of at least 30. Apply a small amount of sunscreen carefully around the eye socket, avoiding the eyelids. Pat it on gently, don’t rub.
Skip exfoliation.
Don’t use products that contain exfoliating grains, foaming cleansers, or use any kind of scrubbing tool around the eye. This isn’t a part of your face that needs a lot of cleansing, other than makeup removal.
Find a remover formula that will allow you to wipe away the day’s makeup with only one or two swipes. A drop or two of baby oil or similar product on a damp cotton pad works well. You might even consider using a drop of baby shampoo on a wet cotton swab to wipe along the eyelash line, because this has the added benefit of helping to prevent the irritating inflammatory eyelid condition known as blepharitis.
Once your eye makeup is off, continue with your normal evening beauty ritual.
Choose the right products.
You want to use a richer, creamier specialty formulation around the eye because of the skin’s dearth of oil glands there. Opt for eye crèmes that boost hydration, since this area needs extra moisture. It’s when you are dehydrated that dark eye circles are most noticeable.
Likewise, look for a product that contains peptides, protein molecules that help rebuild the natural collagen, improving firmness and minimizing wrinkles.
It’s fine to use products that reduce undereye puffiness or darkness, too, but pat them on very gently with the tip of your finger rather than vigorously massaging them in.
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Fashion Scene

Style Essentials for 2017

The new year is upon us, and fashion will be so exciting this year! The runways showed us tons of options to take from runway to real-way. Here are some style essentials every woman needs in 2017.

We are not talking about wearing plants, but rather incorporating the color dubbed as “Nature’s Neutral” into your 2017 wardrobe. Greenery is Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year and it can work from Winter to Summer; and works on almost every closet piece, from pants to blouses to coats. This color can also be paired with neutrals, brights, pastels and even metallic tones, making it a smart fashion essential.

White blouse with a twist
A white shirt is a wardrobe essential at any time, but this year, add in a white shirt with some pizazz. Look for styles with bell-sleeves, embellished buttons, collars or anything that sets it apart from a classic button-down style.

Embellished boyfriend jeans
Taking a cue from the white shirt, boyfriend jeans are another wardrobe essential. In 2017, look for styles that are embellished or patch worked to give them a fresh look.

Art-work inspired prints
In 2017, look for styles that incorporate bold artwork into their patterns. This applies to anything from handbags to pants. Your wardrobe could literally be a walking piece of art!

Faux fur
Faux fur, whether it be a stole, a collar or a coat, will be a fun essential in 2017. It can take a boring winter outfit and make it sassy and chic.

Other trends to look for
Other style trends to look for this year are leg-lengthening flare pants, wide belts to cinch sweaters and coats and feminine mid-calf hemlines in dresses and skirts. 2017 is a fabulous fashion year for choices that are flattering and can be incorporated into any woman’s wardrobe, no matter what her age or stage of life!
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Style Essentials for 2017

The Fab Five: What’s Hot In January

New year, new beauty obsessions! At least that’s our mantra this month, since JAFRA has plenty of rejuvenating essentials to get you in the mood for a great year. On-the-go beauty tools? Check. Hair treatments designed to battle winter dryness? Got it. Add an invigorating fragrance and you’ll feel ready to take on 2017.
1. If you want to do makeup like a pro, you need the right tools—and toting around several large brushes isn’t always practical. What to do for on-the-go touch-ups? Turn to the Mini Brush Set that includes 4 essential brushes in a chic pouch the size of an envelope. As in, they’re perfect to pack in a clutch purse for a night out or in your carry-on for a quick getaway. 
2-4. Spots 2, 3, and 4 on our list of must-haves go to the products in our Botanical Expertise Trio—because each one is just that good. The dry winter air can be rough on hair, and we’re turning to this nourishing combo to bring it back to life.
  • The Moisture Replenish Hair Mask includes ingredients to restore the protective layer on each strand of hair, keeping it hydrated, strong, and manageable
  • The Split-End Hair Repair Capsules help fix and prevent dry, broken hair that’s seen a little too much heat and chemical treatment
  • The powerful Hair Nourishing Oil uses Argan Oil and vitamins to strengthen strands and provide long-lasting hydration and shine
5.  Now is the time to try a new fragrance—guys included. The perfect scent for January is one that feels both refreshing and warm. Our J-Sport Ride Duo checks off all the requirements (and even includes a mini version for travel!). Bring out his adventurous side with the uplifting scent of fresh lavender and the warm, earthy essence of sandalwood.
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