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Matte About Spring

One of the hottest lip trends this spring is a luxurious, matte lip. While matte lipstick might conjure images of a dry, flaky pout, the newest formulas, like JAFRA’s Full Coverage Matte Lipsticks deliver bold, opaque color while keeping your lips hydrated.  One of the most compelling reasons to try a matte lip is the staying power. This look really lasts! Matte lipsticks in the right formula can give you smoochable lips and true-to-tube color that lasts all day. Matte lips are sophisticated, glamourous and luxurious, and look just as fabulous in natural nude tones as they do bold, bright colors. Try these shades on for size to get you in the mood for spring.

Haute Pink
This spring a bright, fuchsia hue is joining the conversation. Wear it with denim and a t-shirt or on a sexy night out on the town! A great one to try is JAFRA’s Full Coverage Matte Lipstick in Flirt; a glamourous, creamy pink that makes a statement without being overbearing.

Citrus Chic
Try a matte orange lip and be playful and on point at the same time! This isn’t an electric dayglow kind of orange we’re talking about, these hues are far more wearable. Shades can range from coral tones, like JAFRA’s Full Coverage Matte Lipstick in Sunset Coral, to an earthy orange, such as JAFRA’s Full Coverage Matte Lipstick in Crush.

Berry Browns
Rich, dreamy matte brown lips look modern and fresh and they’re in for this spring. From camel colored cashmeres to berry browns like JAFRA’s Full Coverage Matte Lipstick in Love Affair, you’re lips are going to look subtly sophisticated and oh-so-kissable!
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Lifestyle Scene

Attention Overthinkers!

You know that feeling when you’re going around and around trying to decide between chicken or fish, the red dress or the blue dress, or whether you should marry him or break up? “It feels like you’re a dog chasing its tail,” says Shelley Row, author of Think Less and Live More: Lessons from a Recovering Over-thinker.

Overthinking, also known as decision paralysis, is a burden in the lives of many women in both their personal and professional lives, says Row, a former engineer who now runs her own consulting company. The pitfalls of overthinking include taking far too long to make decisions, missing out on opportunities, making worse decisions than necessary and causing a whole lot of stress in the process.

The first step toward conquering overthinking involves no technology, no learning curve and no money. All you need is quiet. Once your mind is still, you’ll start to uncover messages Row says. “You’ll see that your indecisiveness is usually coming from deeply embedded experiences or fear.”   

“The first time I had to fire someone, I really overthought it,” says Row, but once she was centered, she began to verbalize to herself what the problem was; she was afraid her boss wouldn’t agree with her decision. “I was giving my boss control of my self-esteem,” she says. “I realized that there was no way I would move up in my career if I constantly second guessed myself and allowed someone else to impact my self-esteem.” A deeper message, however, was an even bigger disabler. “Growing up, my mother would always say, ‘Now, Shelley, be nice.’ Being nice had become part of my value system.”

With these deeper feelings exposed, Row was able to grow from her realizations about her behavior. “For that decision, I had to understand that my mother was teaching me how to be nice on a playground. But being nice in business and adult life is different.” As Row grappled with this new information, she decided that firing her subordinate was indeed the nicest thing she could do. The situation wasn’t working out for either party and the employee would be better off moving on. Armed with this knowledge, which Row calls information mixed with intuition, or infotuition, she let the employee go and felt completely secure in her decision.

“The first time you work with this process, it feels so introspective and like you’re untangling a morass. But the next time it’s quicker and the next even quicker,” she says. Getting quiet and listening to where your stressed out mind takes you when faced with a difficult decision is key. Row likes walking, running and meditating. Others might achieve the same clarity by journaling or just sitting quietly. Whatever method works for you to truly hear yourself out, Row says the effort is worth the payoff. “You’ll make the best decisions of your life because they’ll be based on a combination of rational thought and feeling, and that’s really powerful.”
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Attention Overthinkers!
Tips and Tutorials

Spring Skin Tips

Your skin is not only your body’s largest organ, it is also the most sensitive. As a result, it reacts to changes in your environment and this includes the weather. Every season requires a new approach to caring for your complexion. Here are our tips for springing ahead with skin care.

Clear the Deck
You’ve heard of spring cleaning, right? Well it applies to beauty products, too. Before you think about what new goodies to add, now is the perfect time to get rid of any products that are more than six months old. We don’t always think of cosmetics as having a shelf life, but they do. The longer they sit, the more likely they are to get contaminated, which can irritate your skin  more than help it. So evaluate your makeup bag and prepare for some new, exciting additions!

Winter Clean-Up
Scrub away the last signs of winter with a gentle exfoliant. Exfoliating helps combat aging and keeps your skin soft. Remember, nothing too harsh; outdated bead or shell-powered exfoliators are a no-go. However, if you’re checking ingredients, a little glycolic acid goes a long way.

Lighten the Load
When spring gets here, dial it back on the moisturizer. Winter’s chill creates dry, itchy skin that requires heavy duty moisturizers. Now that spring is here, dense, salve-style moisturizers will only weigh you down and clog your pores. Opt instead for moisturizers that are light, but nutrient rich to nourish your skin and help enhance your glow.

Protect yourself!
While the cool air may make you feel otherwise, damaging UV rays are out in full force, and no one wants to age faster than they should. Remember, the sun may feel good on your face, but without an SPF of 30 or higher, it will wreak havoc on your complexion, accelerating the signs of aging. Protect your youthful look by applying sunscreen daily before your foundation. 
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Fashion Scene

Spring Flings

Spring is in the air, and so are fresh, fab styles from the runway. Designers showed us styles to fit every personality this season. It’s always exciting to see the latest looks from the runway. Each season brings us new colors, patterns, cuts and looks; some more practical for everyday life than others. Here are some of the hottest trends you will definitely want to add to your wardrobe.

Seeing Stripes
Stripes, whether they’re thin, wide, vertical or horizontal, made a strong statement. One of the biggest trends was midi and maxi length dresses with bold, geometric stripes, seen at shows like Carolina Herrera, Lacoste and Opening Ceremony. A tip for wearing this trend; if you have wider hips, opt for vertical stripes which have a slimming and an elongating visual effect.

Saturated Florals
Floral prints are an obvious choice for spring fashion, but this season they make a statement in saturated, 60’s Technicolor hues. Florals were also a go-to for midi and maxi dresses, seen from Rag & Bone, Diane von Furstenberg and Tory Burch.

In the Navy
Sailor and Navy-inspired designs were another big trend. Jackets with a nautical vibe were seen at Proenza Schouler and Tory Burch. Other designers incorporated sailor stripes into tops, pants and dresses.

Nude, beige and skin tone
Another haute trend was all things beige, nude or flesh toned. Dresses both long and short, pant suits, bathing suits, trench coats and more! Beige is no longer boring, it’s fresh and sexy.

Statement Sleeves
Sleeves with spunk are back again, taking your everyday work shirt from ho-hum to fashion forward. Look for sleeves that are split, extended and oversized. The one-shoulder style is also enjoying a comeback.  
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Spring Flings

Product Highlight: JAFRA Diamonds Blush

JAFRA Diamonds Blush is the new charming playmate to accompany the lavish and sophisticated JAFRA Diamonds fragrance. This chic, cheerful scent is the fruity, flirtier side of this scent duo. Feel yourself come alive in this undeniably unique fragrance created by the renowned perfumer, Marion Costero.

Diamonds Blush has notes of sparkling pink lady apple, honeysuckle, peony and pink amber that represent both a bright, rare beauty meant to be appreciated, and a joyful charm meant to be treasured. Every moment you are a part of is one to be remembered. It reflects your lively spirit and compliments your natural ability to envelope all that you encounter.

Shine like the flawless diamond you are, inside and out. Feel the intense, yet playful allure and the captivating confidence that lets you enjoy the spontaneity of life and shine like the precious diamond that you are. This is the moment when ordinary becomes anything but.
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