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Impact Lips

Good news lipstick lovers – we’ve entered a season where almost anything goes. Whether you prefer shades that are fluorescent, extra-dark, barely-there or glossy, there’s a trend to suit you. With that in mind, here’s a guide to Impact Lips for Fall and Winter 2016.
Deep and dark
Cabernet purple, blood red-crimson and even borderline black lips are having a moment. It takes a certain amount of daring, but if you want to make a statement with your smile, there’s nothing like this bold approach.  
Creamy coffees and taupe-y toffees
On the opposite end of the spectrum, neutrals are also in right now. The upside: they go with any look. The downside? There’s not one! Depending on your skin tone, try anything from a tawny nude to a cappuccino or terracotta inspired hue for a low maintenance, high polish lip!
Lighter lip liner
The nineties may be all the rage these days (note the above trends on this list, for instance), but there’s one not so subtle difference when it comes to lip hue. Rather than a dated, darker liner with lighter lip, try the reverse. You’ll find that a liner just a shade lighter than your color will keep lipstick in, without overpowering it!
Matte mouths
That’s right – your lip color need not shine this season. If you’ve been longing for the days of matte, your time has come. There’s one update: no matter your palette, choose a moisturizing lipstick. This way, you’ll skip the shine but your lips will still feel silky smooth.
Gorgeously glossy
And finally, in the aforementioned spirit of anything goes, if gloss is your game – keep playing! Sexy, shiny pouts of all colors are on point this season, whether you’re going for a slick and sophisticated high-gloss red or keeping it simple with a lightly sparkled nearly nude. The only update? Keep the gloss focused on the center of your lips. It will make your pout perkier by seeming to add volume.
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Lifestyle Scene

Practicing the Art of Gratitude

A slew of gratitude studies say that finding ways to be grateful is the next best thing to a health and happiness miracle: gratitude can decrease physical pain, improve marriages and simply make your life happier and more successful. The benefits sound so good that it must be complicated, right? Wrong!

The world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude, Robert Emmons, PH.D. (a professor of psychology at the University of California at Davis) says that gratitude really boils down to two simple components:

First, gratitude starts with affirmation of the good. We simply acknowledge that there are good things in our worlds – gifts, perks and benefits that we’ve received. Note: this doesn’t mean that we have to believe everything is perfect in our worlds – simply that there are good things.

Second, we recognize that the source of this good comes from outside ourselves. That is, we admit that other people (or perhaps higher powers for spiritual people) helped us achieve or attain the goodness in our lives. Emmons and other researchers point out that this second aspect of gratefulness – the social dimension – is particularly important. Why? Because acknowledging the help others have given us in our lives requires us to see how we’ve been supported, encouraged and assisted by other people. With this awareness, we tend to not only appreciate the benefits and support gained, but also repay them (or pay them forward).

Need some handy ways to bolster your gratitude? Try these tricks:
  1. Each day, jot down three things you are thankful for – whether tiny or huge – in a notebook or using an app (try the Gratitude Journal 365 Pro app). Alternately, right before you doze off at night, think of at least three things you’re grateful for. Seemingly basic things count – even clean sheets or a comfortable bed.
  2. Tell a coworker, spouse, child or friend something you sincerely appreciate about them. Aim to do this at least once a day.
  3. Try a gratitude meditation. Meditation teacher Sarah McClean offers a great gratitude meditation. If it’s not a fit for you, there are many more online.
Of course, it could be that you’re already extremely grateful! Check your gratitude level with this this Gratitude Quiz from Greater Good.
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Practicing the Art of Gratitude
Tips and Tutorials

The Do’s and Don’ts of Brow Shaping

We’re in the thick of a full eyebrow trend! Everyone has been growing them out from Gwen Stefani to Beyonce, JLO and Adele—and the results are beautiful. Sure trends go in cycles, and this cycle is about fuller brows that look modern, create a more youthful look and require a lot less plucking. Well-shaped full brows are a standout beauty asset as they frame the eyes and draw attention to the face.  

Whether your brows are thick or thin, ultimately it’s important that their shape and maintenance compliment your features. Untamed or poorly shaped brows can be an unpleasant distraction to our looks and influence the way others read our facial expressions.

Eyebrow Don’ts

The problem with skinny, over-plucked brows is that the look can be harsh or edgy. They draw attention to lines and creases around the eyes. Brows plucked into unnatural half circles - usually intended to make eyes look larger, actually result in what are often called “surprise” eyebrows. Brows that arch upwards at the ends give the impression of “angry” eyes. Set too far apart they make the nose seem larger. When the ends swing downward, eyes look droopy. Brows that stop short and don’t extend to the outer edge of the eye, make eyes appear smaller. Untamed brows or brows that are densely filled in with product are also highly distractive. And pale, sparse brows which have no color, keep a face from standing out.

Eyebrow Do’s

Modern full brows with a natural arch not only draw positive attention to eyes, they also lessen the need for eye makeup. To grow your brows out, hide your tweezers for at least three months before you do any shaping. Then only remove the hairs necessary to open the outer arch of the brow and any strays that appear between them. Brows are such an important face asset that if you don’t find handling tweezers easy, seek out a professional to shape your brows for you once you’ve grown them out. That way it will be easier to maintain them on your own. Just be sure to bring photos of the look you are going for to get the best results.
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Fashion Scene

Haute Holiday Fashion

The festive holiday season is once again among us, and that means...parties! Update your merry wardrobe this season with these fresh and glam styles:

Shine and Sparkle
This holiday, glam up your look with shimmer and sequins! Try a sequin dress in black, or silver or gold if you’re feeling daring. Complete the look with a sleek pair of stilettos. If head-to-toe sequins are too much for you, try a sequin top or shimmer fabric sweater paired with sleek black pants. If you’re feeling adventurous, sequin pants can make a bold, fun statement; just keep the top simple. A black turtleneck or a white button down shirt can make the look work.

Pearl passion
Pearls are everywhere this season, and not just for jewelry. They are the go to embellishment for virtually everything, from tops to shoes to dresses. A sweater or blouse adorned with pearls is a perfect classy yet haute look for your office party or industry event.

Bejeweled fashion
This season holiday fashion accessories are not just “blinged” up with rhinestones or crystals, but with bold, faceted jewels. From a structured clutch to stilettos or even chic sweaters, your options to add glamour to your outfits are endless. You can make even the simplest outfit look party-worthy and fabulous.

Don’t forget the LBD
The LBD or “little black dress” is a timeless holiday party staple. For the office, accessorize your LBD with sleek pumps (in nude or black) and a pearl choker or pearl cuff bracelet. For a formal event, add some dazzling chandelier earrings and a bejeweled clutch; top off with a faux fur coat for full glam. For a holiday party with friends, try pairing your LDB with a hip moto jacket and embellished booties for a modern, cool look.
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Haute Holiday Fashion

The Fab Five: What’s Hot In November

What’s hot in November? Three welcomed new additions to the Royal Jelly Ritual, a delectable-smelling Parisian-inspired perfume (that we hope broke the internet when it launched in October), and the sweetest smelling hydrating lotion you will fall in love with. 
Called the “Corrector” of the bunch, the new Royal Jelly Vitamin Infusions Spot Serum with Vitamin C works overtime to improve the appearance of embarrassing dark spots and skin imperfections. Dark spots aren’t just a result of acne, they also show up as a result of too much fun in the sun, and aging. This serum contains Evergreen Complex, which helps lessen the look of visible spots for a more youthful appearance. Another ingredient is Vitamin C, which targets hidden spots you can’t initially see in the mirror, but will eventually appear if untreated.          
The “Renewer” among the newest Royal Jelly Ritual additions, Royal Jelly Global Longevity Crème with RoyalActive Peptide is a lightweight, multi-benefit, age-fighting treatment product that does much more than moisturize your skin. It contains ultra-hydrating ingredients Manuka Honey and Sodium PCA, which trap moisture so your skin looks smooth and firm. This product also includes JAFRA’s exclusive RoyalActive Peptide, which helps to slow down the effects of aging while speeding up your skins’ renewal process.
Aptly called the “Energizer,” the Global Longevity Eye Crème with RoyalActive Peptide brings that wide-eyed, youthful appearance back to tuckered eyes. This multitasking eye crème not only hydrates the delicate skin area around your eyes, it also brightens their appearance and minimizes the look of dark circles and puffiness. It also contains the RoyalActive Peptide. Other ingredients include Wild Algae, to calm swollen, puffy eyes caused by allergens, and Cassava, a skin-firming extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.     
Paris et Moi Perfumer’s Edition No. 1 by P. Courtière is well underway to being JAFRA’s most celebrated fragrance launch to date. This new and exclusive fine fragrance is the brainchild of brilliant perfumer P. Courtière, who hails from the famed Firmenich Fragrance House. Representative of the glamour of youthful Parisian women and the French delicacies Philippine ate as a young girl, this perfume is an expertly-blended mixture of Mara Strawberry, romantic Rose Petal Macaron Accord, and elegant Creamy Silky Woods fragrance notes. And the bottle?  It is Philippine’s Paris come to life as the city streets and the Eiffel Tower are delicately etched on the outside back wall with a prominently placed circular Perfumer’s Edition No. 1 logo on the cap.     
Coming in at number 5 on our November list is the Bonus size (16.9 fl. oz) Royal Almond Hydrating Body Lotion and Royal Almond Rich Body Oil with Vitamin E, which is only available for a limited time in festive holiday packaging, so hurry to get yours while they last! As you apply this hydrating lotion and body oil, delight in the sweet smell of almond blossoms and indulge.
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