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How To Find Your Signature Scent

We’ve all known someone with a signature scent – that fragrance that still reminds you of her years later when you notice it in passing in the department store or on an item of clothing. But how can you find yours? Luckily, the answer is simpler than you think!
First, please yourself…

That means choose a scent that you like. Not just when you spray it, but hours later, when the notes have deepened and it’s settled into your skin. This may sound silly – of course I need to like a fragrance in order to wear it! – but trends have a way creeping in-between buyers and reason. Don’t let them! No matter how hot, or of-the-moment a particular perfume may be, if you don’t like it right away or after four hours later, once it has fully expressed itself – don’t buy it!
Next, before you shop…

Arm yourself with an understanding of what type of scent you’re actually smelling. Clean, fresh scents (like those that smell like crisp laundry) actually fall into the musky category. Fragrances described as woody can evoke anything from a creamy, nutty praline ice cream to sandalwood incense or that old standby, patchouli. Floral fragrances encompass all flowers, but not fresh, grassy scents, which fall into the green category. Meanwhile, citrus includes lemon, lime and even orange zest, reminding the wearer of a day at the spa and so-called Orientals combine spicy and sweet, often with a hint of powder.
With that in mind, remember…

Never try more than three scents at a time. Everyone’s nose has limits – no matter how many coffee beans you smell between fragrances! In fact, the coffee beans themselves are just one more strong scent invading your nasal passages and causing confusion as you try to process. In order to get a clean and accurate take on any fragrance, limit yourself to three scents in any one trip. Between fragrances, inhale the skin at the crook of your elbow. Your own scent will reset the ph in your nose and allow you to better interpret the next fragrance.
And finally, get samples!

You’ll want to wear the scent for at least four hours (potentially on more than one occasion), before you know if it’s for you. Believe it or not, something that appeals to you on the initial inhale may cause a headache a few hours later or fade with time into something you hardly recognize. Scents evolve on the wearer over the course of a few hours and not until you’ve found a scent that makes you as happy mid-afternoon as it does on a first spritz will you know you’ve found it.
In the meantime, however, count yourself lucky. Finding your signature scent is half the fun. Like life, it’s a journey, not a destination!
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Lifestyle Scene

How To Make Your Time Off A Priority

If you are like most Americans, you work hard everyday. You might also have a difficult time letting yourself take time off from work; statistics show that Americans collectively leave over 170,000 vacation days untaken! Why? Most people fear losing momentum at work or of falling behind, yet studies show that taking time off makes us more creative and efficient. If you are vacation-phobic, here are some tips to help make your time off a priority:

Understand why it is good for you

Taking time off allows you to recharge our body and soul. It gives you time to reconnect with your spouse, family and friends. It also teaches you to trust your co-workers with handling your workload, teaches you to delegate tasks and can make you efficient at finishing projects at work (your reward is time off!). When you entrust your work environment and colleagues, it can lead to deeper professional connections and growth; so you are really improving your professional life, not hindering it.

Don’t pressure yourself

Sometimes planning a far-away vacation sounds like a lot of work in itself, so don’t pressure yourself to travel a far distance. Try taking a day off can mean going to a yoga class, meeting a friend for lunch or even catching a matinee… anything you want. You can even take a stay-cation and enjoy the sights in your own city or a nearby town; giving you the same adventurous feeling without the stress of spending money on an expensive vacation (and packing and unpacking!).  If finances are your reason for not taking a day off, consider starting a part-time flexible business or job to help earn a vacation fund.  This is especially a good idea if you are a homemaker and want to make sure that your family is able to vacation without any financial burdens.

Schedule your time off

At the beginning of each year (or in the Fall at back to school time), try to map out your vacation days and put them on the calendar with your family and work. Knowing that these days are already on your agenda can help you mentally prepare to actually take (and enjoy) them!
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How To Make Your Time Off A Priority
Tips and Tutorials

The Do’s and Don’ts of Brow Shaping

We’re in the thick of a full eyebrow trend! Everyone has been growing them out from Gwen Stefani to Beyonce, JLO and Adele—and the results are beautiful. Sure trends go in cycles, and this cycle is about fuller brows that look modern, create a more youthful look and require a lot less plucking. Well-shaped full brows are a standout beauty asset as they frame the eyes and draw attention to the face.  

Whether your brows are thick or thin, ultimately it’s important that their shape and maintenance compliment your features. Untamed or poorly shaped brows can be an unpleasant distraction to our looks and influence the way others read our facial expressions.

Eyebrow Don’ts

The problem with skinny, over-plucked brows is that the look can be harsh or edgy. They draw attention to lines and creases around the eyes. Brows plucked into unnatural half circles - usually intended to make eyes look larger, actually result in what are often called “surprise” eyebrows. Brows that arch upwards at the ends give the impression of “angry” eyes. Set too far apart they make the nose seem larger. When the ends swing downward, eyes look droopy. Brows that stop short and don’t extend to the outer edge of the eye, make eyes appear smaller. Untamed brows or brows that are densely filled in with product are also highly distractive. And pale, sparse brows which have no color, keep a face from standing out.

Eyebrow Do’s

Modern full brows with a natural arch not only draw positive attention to eyes, they also lessen the need for eye makeup. To grow your brows out, hide your tweezers for at least three months before you do any shaping. Then only remove the hairs necessary to open the outer arch of the brow and any strays that appear between them. Brows are such an important face asset that if you don’t find handling tweezers easy, seek out a professional to shape your brows for you once you’ve grown them out. That way it will be easier to maintain them on your own. Just be sure to bring photos of the look you are going for to get the best results.
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Fashion Scene

Trending: Dark, Romantic Floral Prints

Moody, romantic flower prints are fashionably modern and seasonably perfect. The trend is unexpectedly dark and wintry and feminine with an edge.
This season’s dresses and skirts bloom in bold prints of tossed stems and scattered bouquets, for day. For evening, long airy dresses shine in oversized flowery prints, adorned with sequins, beading and appliques. Embroidered blooms give a tough and tender edge to outerwear on leather moto jackets, satiny bomber styles, and cold weather coats.  The bold floral arrangements have even made their way onto accessories, embellishing shoes, boots, bags and belts.
With a garden of wonderful flowery options available to update your cold weather wardrobe, here are tips on how to make the trend work for you.
Pick a Flower Print
Big, bold blooms on black, navy and aubergine backgrounds are not your usual ladylike flower prints. For those who find the new prints a bit overwhelming on dresses or long skirts, shop for one accent item instead, as a trendy update to the basics you already own –especially in black. A brand new short satiny floral skirt worn with your own black tights, black booties, and a crunchy cropped sweater is just one easy way to go for the trend and make it your own.
Style Them With An Edge
What’s most important, when pulling together a flowery look is to style it with an edge. In other words pair floral dresses, skirts and pants with a leather jacket, bag or boots.  Pieces with studs or zippers and metal hammered jewelry, will also add the balance fall florals need to look romantic in that very modern way.
If you are one of the brave fashionistas for whom layering is your favorite fashion challenge, you probably already know that a mix of multiple floral prints and blooms worn with plaid or herringbone are more unexpected options. 
Floral Accessories Aren’t Dainty
The edgy flower patterns on boots, party pumps, sneakers, bags and more, might be your best garden variety investment for fall and winter. They’ll make everything “old” look fresh again.
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Trending: Dark, Romantic Floral Prints

“Beauty Talk” with Lori Duncan

The lifeblood of JAFRA Cosmetics are its thousands of “Consultants” who have sought and acquired well-earned independence and success through the sales of state-of-the-art beauty products. One such Consultant, Lori Duncan who is a nine year JAFRA veteran shares with us what inspires her to keep reaching for the stars.   

Tell us about your journey to JAFRA. Why did you become a consultant?
JAFRA has been a part of my life since I was nine years old – my mom joined JAFRA in 2004. I was attending all of the company events, meetings, trips etc. It was my senior year of high school and I was taking a Business Entrepreneur class that required me to have a job in order to get credit, so my mom signed me up in JAFRA, placed a qualified order, and once it all came she used a majority of the product herself, and whatever was left, she packed up and put in the closet! At that time I had no interest in it. But then I graduated high school during the summer and my dad thought it was time that I get a job. I knew that working at Jack in the Box wasn’t in the cards for me, even though my friends were working there, so I told my mom to get the products out. I used them and fell in love!! I decided then that I would share it with friends and family, and would use it to earn extra money until I attended college that fall. I had friends host parties and in my first nine days I had over $2,800 in retail sales at the age of 18, opened my bank account, and never looked back!
How long have you been a consultant and what do you hope to accomplish?
I have been a consultant for three and a half years now. I achieved the Manager title the same year I joined and have held it ever since. While, yes, my ultimate goal is to reach Ambassador, what really excites me is becoming District Director - A lady in Red. That moment will be huge for me! 
Finish this sentence - the best reason to become a JAFRA Consultant is…
The best reason to become a JAFRA consultant is because of all the fun you will experience, and all of the friendships and money you will make. No other outlet could bring you so much joy and fulfillment.
What JAFRA product(s) do you currently use and can’t live without?
I use everything of course...I use the Royal Jelly Ritual along with the Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules, and Retinol every night! I cannot live without Royal Jelly Lipstick…I wear it every single day as well as the Risqué fragrance and Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced.
What inspires you the most? What are you most passionate about?
The corporate employees (Paulo, Scott, Ivan, etc.) and my best friends that are Ambassadors inspire me the most! I am passionate about every single aspect of JAFRA. I joke that I would even purchase JAFRA underwear if I could! Talking and sharing JAFRA with others, as well as being a leader for my team is my biggest passion. I catch myself getting teary-eyed when I talk about JAFRA with others and that's how I know I'm with the right company doing the right thing.
What most people don't know about me is...?
What most people don't know about me is that I used to be very shy and was a huge introvert. If you weren't close family and friends, I didn't care to talk to you. But, ever since joining JAFRA, I have come out of my shell and can become friends with a complete stranger and probably even make a sale or two with them! I'm now a social butterfly. I have JAFRA to thank for my personal and professional growth! 
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