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The Fab Five: Cool December Finds

It’s getting cold, but this list is hot! For December Fab Five, we have something for everyone, whether you’re wrapping up your gift list or prepping to ring in the New Year in style. Keep reading to see what five great giftables we’re closing out 2017 with.
Own the night this holiday in the alluring new fragrance, Adorisse Night. Let the lingering haze of creamy white chocolate and Bergamot lead you to an unforgettable night. Grab the giftable fragrance duo, which comes with a FREE mini that makes for a perfect little stocking stuffer, or complete the look with Adorisse Night Full Coverage Lipstick and beautifully bold Eyeshadow Palette.
Our Felt Tip Eyeliner is all your need to get the perfect wing for every holiday party. This dual-ended, quick dry eyeliner gives you the ultra-pigmented color and control you need to create any holiday look you desire. It’s smudge-proof and lasts up to 16 hours, so don’t worry about pulling an all-nighter.
Xclusive Speed is an elegant and daring luxury men's fragrance that’s the ideal choice for any confident risk-taker. Simultaneously youthful and timeless, this invigorating and modern fragrance lets the world know you expect nothing less than the best. Refined cedar wood and a warm amber base make this fragrance the perfect gift for any man who is proud to lead the pack.
Pamper someone you love with a fabulous spa experience this holiday! Our Ginger and Sea Salt Body Rub gently exfoliates with an awakening blend of sea salts and Ginger Root extract.
Last, but certainly not least for the final Fab Five list of 2017, the StayRoyal Auto-Delivery program is the gift that keeps on giving. To have your personally customized skincare ritual delivered right to your door every 60, 90, or 120 days is a real treat! Save more than 40% and give the gift of Royal Jelly all year long! It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to gift one to yourself, too! ;)
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December Staff Picks: Natalie’s New Faves

Glitter and glam galore! We asked Sales Communication Specialist, Natalie Borraez about her top product picks for the holiday season and beyond and here’s what she had to say: 

1. Fill in the Blank: All I want for the holidays is ________________ !
The Peppermint Glam Eyeshadow Trio. Glittery gold pigments are my fave!
2. Favorite futuristic fall trend? Gold metallics or out-of-this-world highlighters?
Oh, I love them both so much! I’m going to go with gold highlighters.

3. Help! You went out for some winter fun and now your lips are wind burned! What product is your go-to to save the day?
Believe it or not, Royal Jelly Luxury Lipstick! It is ultra-moisturizing and soothing, and it feels so good on my lips. Plus, I get a great pop of color! I’ve never tried anything like it.

4. What’s your favorite lip trend this season? Pretty glitter pouts or nude, well glossed lips? 
 Pretty glitter pouts. I love a bold lip! The bolder, the better. 

5. Which new JAFRA fragrance will you take with you into 2018?  
Hands down Diamonds Blush! I love carrying the mini in my purse to freshen up throughout the day.

6. What’s your favorite kiss-proof lip color to ring the New Year in with? 
 Always Color Stay-On Lipstick in Rouge! The bold rich color is just gorgeous and I don’t have to reapply after eating or drinking. Plus, my lips never dry out.

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December Staff Picks: Natalie’s New Faves

Every Woman: Niketa Nichols

Niketa Nichols is more than just a JAFRA employee, she’s a fantastic mother, wife and triathlete! Read what she had to say when we sat down with her to talk about her biggest physical challenges and triumphs.
1. Who or what inspired you to begin competing in triathlons?
I had a baby and was taking some time off from the business world to raise my daughter, but I soon found myself bored out of my mind being a stay-at-home” mom. I decided to join a gym, where I met my Triathlon coach and now friend. She is a great triathlete and very humble at the same time. She made me realize anyone can do triathlons, as long as one puts in the effort. So I thought I’d give it a try.  

2. What do you find most rewarding/fun about triathlons?
Aside from the physical appearance (it leaves my body in great shape) I love the adrenaline and the competition. I am a very competitive person, and every time I do a triathlon I work toward a better finishing time. I can work towards bettering myself. It’s never done, or completed. It’s the same principle I take in life. I can always learn; at work, at home and in the world.
3. What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome as a triathlete?
Biggest challenge is mental resignation for me. During Ironman, there was a point in the running when every part of my body was hurting, including my toes and hair. J Not really, but you get my point. I was 5 miles away from the finish line and my body was strongly urging me to stop and give up. At that point it becomes a mental game. I had to remind myself the countless hours I had put in training, the time away from my family, friends and other hobbies, and the 12 hours that day. I had to remind myself that my two little ones were waiting for me at the finish line. What kind of mother did I want to be?! What message did I want to give my kids?! That mental talk gave me the strength to push and finish a 140.6 mile race. Of course, as soon as I crossed the finish line I said, “I can do better, where do I sign up for my next race?”
4. How do you balance this intense training with other aspects of your life?
It is not easy. It is important to have supporting people in your life. But it is something that brings me joy and great sense of accomplishment so I make time for it. I wake up at 5am most days to train. I don’t watch TV or do “time wasters” activities as I call them. I also eat well. It sounds like a given, however, it’s not easily done. I eat to fuel my body, not because it tastes good. The better I eat the better I feel and the more energy I have to accomplish work, family life and training.

5. Which one makes you feel more empowered, finishing a triathlon or getting a makeover?
Finishing a triathlon, hands down.

6. What’s your advice for anyone who wants to try something physically challenging, but is unsure of how to start?
Connect with people who have done it before and don’t be afraid to try it out. Social media makes it so easy to find people with the same interests. It’s a matter of putting yourself out there.

7. How do you think JAFRA has impacted your life? How have you witnessed JAFRA effect the lives of others?
Jafra is one of those hidden gems people don’t know about. I was one of those people. I accepted the job for two reasons:
1: I could connect with the mission. I love the idea of providing opportunities to people around the world.
2: I could make an impact. Jafra is a target rich company, and if you are driven, have intrinsic motivation and are willing to roll up your sleeves you can make a great impact.

I see both of these points play out in my everyday life at Jafra. I have met incredible women whose lives have been improved by Jafra. And, I am living my ideal job daily where I get to be creative, feel inspired and make an impact to people I don’t even know around the world. #lovemylife  
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Fall Bride To Be

Summer is known as wedding season, but fall weddings are not without their special charm, with nature’s breathtaking color changes and the crisp hint of cool weather to come. Here are some fall bridal trends to keep your special day on-point:
The Dress
This season, bridal gown trends include lace, long sleeves and royally-inspired high necks. Other common threads mimic more recent fashion revivals; off-the-shoulder styles and bell sleeves give a fresh twist to bridal wear. Other trends borrowed from the runways are ruffles and cascading tiered bottoms, adding a little more romance to this year’s fall weddings. Dress colors this season shift from the classic all-white, to ivory, champagne and even blush tones to accompany the deeper hues of fall.
The Face
This fall’s bridal makeup steers towards a more subtle kind of drama. A softer smokey eye done in a shimmering neutral palette and finished with black mascara and liner goes well with the warm golden colors of the season. Peach blush on the cheeks and a nude lip create a beautifully natural look. Fall brides are going for glowing skin with pink champagne highlighters and warm blushes, like JAFRA’s Powder Blush in Havana Spice, paired with a simple eye and a plum-colored lip, like our Full Coverage Lipstick in Berry Vamp.
The Friends
While the bride is the star of the show, she definitely wants her bridesmaids to feel beautiful, too! This fall bridesmaid’s dress trends may leave you with a dress you’d actually wear again. ;) This year’s options are modern, chic and stylish. Look for one-shoulder or off-the-shoulder styles that are tea length or floor length and ruffled tiers and unique sleeves to match the bride. Color trends range from deep neutrals to burgundies, both of which look amazing with the blush champagne trends for the bride.

The Décor
This season’s decorative inspiration comes from Mother Nature herself, using the Pantone Color of the Year, Greenery, and other forest-like hues as a jumping off point for invitations, table settings and more. Earthy neutrals are another fall-perfect wedding palette with touches of burgundy as the perfect pop of color. Coming out on top, metallics are the big winner in fall wedding décor. Add rose gold or copper accents for some sophisticated sparkle on your wedding day.
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Fall Bride To Be
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Healthy for the Holidays

The focus of many winter celebrations are the delightful high-calorie foods we share with family and friends. Some of us just go for it and indulge in festive feasting and worry about the effects later, while others stress over every single bite. Consider a happy medium with these healthier holiday food strategies.
Food Game Plan
Just because you’re trying to be party health-conscious, doesn’t mean you have to go hungry. Have a food plan prepared before each event. An hour before your gathering, have a healthy snack; a handful of almonds, a bowl of greens or an apple, to curb your appetite. Saving yourself for the party will only leave you hungry and vulnerable to unintentional binging. You can apply the same snack prep rules to any traditions or celebrations that restrict eating for a certain amount of time.
Analyze Your Options
Survey the table before filling your plate and make a B-line for salads, veggies and proteins. Pass on the gravy and other sauces and keep track of your starches; they stack up fast on those holiday buffets. If you can’t help yourself, pick the foods you’ve been looking forward to all year. Totally worth the calories…in moderation, of course. If you’ve opted out of desserts entirely, make it easier on yourself by bringing along your own teabags. Sipping a tasty cup of hot peppermint, ginger spice, or cinnamon tea is a zero-calorie alternative to sweets and after dinner drinks.
Pass On The Spirits
Alcoholic beverages are full of calories. Look up the nutritional details of your favorite cocktails before you go out in case you want to find a more calorie conscious option. Fun Fact: Mixed drinks tend to have more calories than wine or champagne. If you don’t drink, or choose to forgo drinking, consider sparkling water instead of a soft drink. Order it with a splash of pomegranate or cranberry juice and a lime. Mock cocktails, or mocktails as they’re so fabulously called, are satisfying and just as festive!
Thanks, But No Thanks
You may feel obligated to partake in high-calorie homemade favorites around the holidays for fear of insulting a coworker or family member. Instead of giving into politeness and taking everyone up on their offers, know that it’s okay to just say, “No, thank you.” If you still feel guilty, mention that it’s hard to turn down such a delicious offer, but you’re being mindful of your holiday intake. ;)
Keep Exercising
It’s easy to abandon your exercise routine during the holidays. Be sure to schedule a regular time to break a sweat or it may slip to the bottom of your to-do list. After a holiday meal grab a friend or relative to take a walk with you, even if it’s just around the block. It will help you burn a few calories and keep your energy up.
Enjoy your family and friends and have a healthy and happy holiday season! 
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