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Photo of JAFRA employees displaying donation bags with text saying Giving back with JAFRA Cosmetics.Photo of JAFRA employees displaying donation bags with text saying Giving back with JAFRA Cosmetics.


We pride ourselves in being a beauty company that is concerned with more than cosmetics. From our inception in 1956, Jan and Frank made it clear that JAFRA’s mission was to create an empowering community focused not only on making people look their best… but feel their best too. This mission is such a big part of what makes JAFRA unique, and the depth of its meaning has trickled down from the corporate offices to the individual consultants.

Facemask, products and carrying bag.
JAFRA employee holding the JAFRA We fragrance.
JAFRA employees pack bags with goodies.
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JAFRA employees help assemble self-care kits at JAFRA Headquarters.
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JAFRA is honored to support the work of Soroptimist, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping women and girls—some of whom have experienced domestic violence, sex trafficking, and poverty—to be able to reach their full potential. Through their Dream Programs, they provide access to training and education that leads to women’s economic empowerment.

November is a month to celebrate gratitude and giving back. JAFRA is the official Matching Partner for the campaign for Giving Tuesday, matching donations made between November 19-December 1, 2021. As a Mission Supporter, JAFRA will support Soroptimist to help them continue their life-changing programs for women and girls in need. Their Live Your Dream Awards program for women is unique in that recipients may use the cash awards to offset any costs associated with their efforts to attain higher education—such as books, childcare, tuition and transportation. Their Dream It, Be It program provides girls with tangible strategies to accomplish their future career goals. To learn more about their work, visit

JAFRA Hand Sanitizers


In early 2020, the demand for very specific self-care items skyrocketed but the supply was not enough to keep up. Companies that create and manufacture beauty products were uniquely equipped to step in and help when this need arose - and JAFRA did just that. When we heard the cry for hand sanitizers, JAFRA shifted priorities and devoted additional resources to creating and producing a new product line. JAFRA Daily Advanced Hand Sanitizer was launched - formulated with moisturizing aloe and glycerin.

In response to a need that we now had the means to fill, our internal team spread the word and partnered with organizations that supported community workers. This included health facilities, residents and staff of nursing homes, women’s shelters, and food banks. JAFRA was fortunate to partner with Christian Community Action, Salvation Army, Los Angeles Food Bank, and more.

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All kind gestures really count, no matter how big or small. As a company, JAFRA has chosen to step up in many ways, leading by example and illustrating that the best way to create a beautiful world is to care for one another and oneself. As individuals, there have been Independent Beauty Consultants who have been empowered by JAFRA to find their own ways to give back to the communities they serve.

In the summer of 2020, leaders at JAFRA’s headquarters in Westlake Village put their knowledge of skin care and sun protection to great use and offered some extra help to some of the most essential workers in the world - the farmers! JAFRA's company philosophy has always embraced the "sharing is caring" mantra of our founders and we recognized the need for better sun protection for farm workers who need to be cautious of sun exposure on a daily basis. One of JAFRA’s large donations went to the United Farm Workers Organization (UFW) and consisted of over 3,000 sunscreens and JAFRA Daily Hand Sanitizers.


JAFRA Independent Beauty Consultants are uniquely positioned to see the needs of their local communities and respond to those needs. One such Consultant, Hannah Wachter, identified a cause and organization that was important to her personally and was also in need of some additional assistance during 2020; Clackamas Women's Services. CWS is a non-profit that focuses on "reconnecting survivors of domestic and sexual violence with the safety and well-being that they deserve." Hannah's support efforts were tri-fold:

Photo of Hannah

In honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, for every 1 person who became an Independent Consultant she purchased a kit for a survivor of domestic violence.


She donated 10% of all of her sales in the month of October.


She was able to help one woman out of a dangerous situation and get her in to a shelter thanks to the proceeds from a JAFRA party Hannah hosted.

Throughout the year Hannah was able to partner with other consultants to sponsor women who were receiving support at CWS. Through donating a portion of her commission, matching sponsorships with new Independent Consultant signups, and additional donations, Hannah was able to bring goodie bags filled with self-care items and hand sanitizers, a cash donation, and a laptop to CWS.

JAFRA 65th Anniversary


In 2021 JAFRA celebrated 65 years of giving back; creating community, inspiring future generations, and sharing a love for world-class cosmetics. The need for quality beauty and toiletries products hasn’t slowed down, and neither have we. JAFRA continues to provide products, like hand sanitizers and face masks, to local organizations like the Los Angeles Women’s Shelter. We have also continued our efforts through donations of self-care kits. These kits full of beauty essentials, hand sanitizers, and JAFRA's new We Fragrance were gifted to West Houston Assistance Ministries (a Texas-based non-profit providing help to families in need) and HOPICS (a Los Angeles-based non-profit outreach organization that helps the homeless). JAFRA believes in uplifting others, and the gift bags were given to help people in need stay well, safe, and feel their best.

Transformations in the beauty world and in how we interact with each other continue to reverberate one principal message— when we take time for self-care and to care for each other, we create a beautiful community.

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