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“The instant I saw JAFRA’s makeup I fell in love. The packaging is gorgeous,something to be left on display really. Then I tried the makeup and found out how versatile it is. Dramatic looks as well as natural can be achieved. Your imagination is the only limit.”

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Make Beauty Your Business

Love sharing your favorite skin care products and makeup tips with friends? We do too! Join more than 500,000 Independent Consultants worldwide selling beauty products they love.

Benefits of Joining

We’re a family. Since 1956 our focus has been to help our consultants develop professionally and personally at their own pace. There’s opportunity to earn money for selling products you love, get those products for less, and the best part—you decide how to run your own business.

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Two years ago, I was introduced to JAFRA, fell in love with the skin care and instantly became a customer. Shortly after, I took advantage of the business opportunity just to get my products at wholesale price. Four months later, I decided to “try” working my JAFRA biz.Those first three months were a whirlwind of success and I’ve never looked back! I set my own hours,travel and still work, and influence others positively. I also gained an incredible community of love and support that makes me better every single day! The gift of JAFRA is bigger than the potential financial benefits, the gift of JAFRA is family and the opportunity to go as far as you want if you’re willing to work for it and fight for your dreams!

Working as an independent beauty consultant with JAFRA has allowed me to explore different ways of networking with people and building relationships. I’m proud to be affiliated with a company that has your back one-hundred percent and is consistently adapting to the future. I thank JAFRA for the opportunity.

Make it Happen

Let’s go! You’re only steps away from joining a beauty business that’s tailored to you—A business that provides a personal website and training, the ability to work with hosts for beauty parties, and an exclusive Facebook group.

Are you ready to try the JAFRA opportunity? If your heart is nodding yes right now then this is the place for y-o-u!

Frequently Asked Questions
What makes JAFRA Special?

Our people and our products! We are a diverse, friendly, and welcoming family with deep roots in Malibu, California but a wide global reach. There is something for everyone in our world- class product lines, whether it’s our iconic JAFRA ROYAL skincare, our tantalizing, award- winning fragrances, or our fun, festive cosmetics.

I’ve heard that JAFRA is a direct selling company. What does that mean?

Direct selling is a way to sell products outside of a store, directly to customers. As a JAFRA Consultant, you have the opportunity to sell JAFRA products directly to your own clients, at JAFRA parties, online through your personal website, or one-on-one.

I’ve never run my own business or sold products before. Where do I start?

Great question! Start by reaching out to your Sponsor or JAFRA team first – they are a fantastic resource. We have a number of live and recorded training opportunities that you will receive access to once you join.

I’m already so busy. How will I find the time?

One of the best things about having your own JAFRA business is that you can run it in so many different ways and on your own schedule. You can dedicate as little or as much time as you have! Throw JAFRA parties on the weekend, talk up product on your coffee break, or run your business online day or night –it’s up to you! Additionally, we offer time-saving resources such as:

  • Client Plus – we will mail your client brochures for you!
  • Personal Websites—by sharing the link to your personal JAFRA website, clients can order from you day or night, and we will deliver the orders directly to your clients.
  • Social Media assets—we create professional, high-quality content for you to share ad post on your own social media channels.
What opportunities are there to make money as JAFRA Consultant?

JAFRA Consultants have the opportunity to make money by earning commission (the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price) by selling JAFRA products to clients. A small percentage of our Consultants become Leaders, and Leaders may be eligible for additional compensation.

Are there additional training fees?


What happens if I decide that being a JAFRA Consultant isn’t the right fit for me?

We are here for you even if things don’t work out. Please let your Sponsor or our Consultant Care Team know by phone (1-800-852-3728) or email ( have an Inventory and Business Kit buyback policy, as described in our Consultant Polices & Procedures.

Does JAFRA test its products on animals?

JAFRA does not test its product on animals.