JF9 Fragrance Duo + FREE MINI

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  • $49.00

Reinvent his olfactive style with the JF9 collection. Classic JF9's bergamot top notes exude elegance, followed by the subtle sophistication of a lavender heart. Sandalwood strikes a note of enduring style. The perfect signature for a guy who breaks the rules, JF9 Black projects irresistible bad boy charm. Grapefruit makes a daring first impression, layered over a heart of classic, gentlemanly geranium. Sensual vetiver creates an aura of mystery. Make a modern, aromatic statement in cool JF9 Chrome, the perfect off-duty fragrance for men. Spicy pepper top notes melt into a heart of crisp mint, balanced by the warmth and sensuality of patchouli. Bold and captivating, JF9 Red's tarragon top notes command attention. A heart of jasmine emanates irresistible charisma, followed by musky base notes, which project an air of success. For a limited time, choose two JF9 colognes for a special price, plus free mini fragrance.

Choose Two:
JF9 Cologne | 3.3 fl. oz.
JF9 Black Cologne | 3.3 fl. oz.
JF9 Red Cologne | 3.3 fl. oz.
JF9 Chrome Cologne | 3.3 fl. oz.

Choose One Free:
JF9 Mini | .23 fl. oz.
JF9 Black Mini | .23 fl. oz.
JF9 Chrome Mini | .23 fl. oz.
JF9 Red Mini | .23 fl. oz.


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