We've created the most advanced formulations and high-quality, on-trend colors for you. So smile, be unique, be radiant, be you.


  • Powder Eyeshadow Trio Wet/Dry Formula
    Powder Eyeshadow Trio Wet/Dry ... $17.00
  • Strengthening Nail Lacquer
    Strengthening Nail Lacquer $10.00
  • Full Coverage Lipstick
    Full Coverage Lipstick $15.00
  • Rapid Dry Nail Lacquer
    Rapid Dry Nail Lacquer $10.00
  • Twist-Up Lip Crayon
    Twist-Up Lip Crayon $13.00
  • Moisture Rich Lipstick
    Moisture Rich Lipstick $15.00
  • Powder Blush
    Powder Blush $16.00
  • Long Wear Lip Gloss
    Long Wear Lip Gloss $14.00
  • Always Color Stay-On Lipstick
    Always Color Stay-On Lipstick $15.00
  • Full Coverage Matte Lipstick
    Full Coverage Matte Lipstick $15.00
  • Liquid Matte Lipstick
    Liquid Matte Lipstick $15.00
  • Brow Lift
    Brow Lift $11.00
  • Lip Definer
    Lip Definer $11.00
  • Beyond Brilliant Gel Nail Lacquer
    Beyond Brilliant Gel Nail Lacq... $10.00
  • High Shine Moisture Gloss
    High Shine Moisture Gloss $12.00
  • Long Wear Crème Blush
    Long Wear Crème Blush $16.00
  • High Shine Powder Eyeshadow Singles
    High Shine Powder Eyeshadow Si... $11.00
  • Lip Tint/ Lip Shine
    Lip Tint/ Lip Shine $16.00