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JAFRA Daily Hand Sanitizer Family Size

  • 14.5 fl. Oz.
  • Item #38011
  • $18.00

Gentle enough for the whole family, JAFRA Daily Advanced Hand Sanitizer leaves skin clean, soft and hydrated.

Need to Know

  • Sanitizes hands without drying or irritation
  • Fragrance free and perfect for sensitive skin
  • Made for all ages and skin types
  • Key Ingredients
    • Aloe - Soothes and hydrates skin
    • Glycerin - Attracts moisture for lasting hydration
    • Alcohol - 70% of formulation

What It Is

An antibacterial gel made with aloe and glycerin

What It Does

  • Instantly sanitizes without drying out skin
  • Soothes and hydrates with moisturizing aloe

How To

  1. Apply a generous amount of gel to hands and massage thoroughly
  2. Allow to dry

Results and Information


    Love it, but best to use the small one and refill from the large one

    Great formula. Low smell. Nice. But, too much comes out of the big size all too often. Perfect amount from the personal size. So, use this one to refill the smaller one for best dispensing.

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