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Tender Moments Delicate Baby Bottom Balm

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Unique, gentle and made especially for tender skin, Tender Moments Delicate Baby Bottom Balm moisturizes with provitamin B5 to protect skin while allowing it to breathe, and helps treat and prevent diaper rash with therapeutic, skin-soothing ingredients, repelling water with a protective layer.

Need to Know

  • Helps treat and prevent diaper rash
  • Made specifically for delicate skin
  • Helps protect skin with a water-based layer while allowing it to breathe
  • Key Ingredients
    • Zinc Oxide - Helps prevent and treat diaper rash
    • Petrolatum - Helps keep skin soft, moisturized and protected and helps prevent & treat diaper rash
    • Dimethicone - A non-greasy, non-occlusive emollient that spreads easily, repels water and helps protect skin
    • Shea Butter Fruit - A soothing moisturizer that helps minimize irritation
    • Oat Extract - Helps reduce redness
    • Aloe Vera - Helps moisturize and soothe skin
    • Provitamin B5 - Helps increase hydration, condition skin and promote normal keratinization, improving skin’s integrity

What It Is

A soothing and therapeutic diaper rash preventative balm for tender skin

What It Does

  • Creates a water-based protective layer on the skin
  • Easily removed with a tissue or wet wipe
  • Clinically, allergy and irritancy tested

How To

Apply balm to baby’s bottom to help prevent diaper rash and irritation

Results and Information

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