The Royal Jelly Ritual

Powerful. Customizable. Royal Jelly Skin Care.

JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Ritual brings you the latest skin care innovation in one luxurious, customizable system. The 11 treatment products (three of which were just added in March 2017) included in the Royal Jelly Ritual are a series of elite treatment products that can be used individually or together to help your strengthen your skin’s resistance to the telltale signs of aging and environmental stressors. 

The effectiveness of each of these products has been proven time and again through numerous consumer and clinical tests. After using Royal Jelly products:

  • 92% of women said their skin felt more moisturized ***
  • 91% of women stated their skin felt renewed, effectively cleansed and softer***
  • 83% of women noticed a dramatic improvement in moisture, tone and elasticity ** 
  • 82% of women said skin regained its youthful radiance * 

*** Percent of women agreeing in an independent consumer test who tried Royal Jelly Gentle Cleansing Milk
** Percent of women agreeing in an independent clinical test after one month of using Smooth and Firm Skin Nutrients
* Percent of women agreeing in an independent consumer test who tried Royal Jelly Longevity Balm with Royal Active Peptide

The latest products to be added to the Royal Jelly Ritual family of products are:

Royal Jelly Scar Balm (NEW)
The Scar Fighter
This lightweight balm is great for scars old and new. It contains a powerful complex that’s clinically proven to help diminish the look and feel of scars. It uses a unique combination of vitamins, Manuka honey and our special Sangre de Drago extract to immediately revitalize skin and diminish the appearance of scar size, thickness, color, texture, and overall appearance.
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Royal Jelly Global Longevity Crème with RoyalActive Peptide
The Renewer 
This nutrient-rich, multi-benefit lightweight age-fighting crème is designed to inject maximum moisture into your skin so it looks smoother, firmer, and more luminous. It contains our exclusive RoyalActive Peptide, which helps slow the appearance of aging as it speeds up your skins’ renewal process, Manuka Honey, to deliver intense hydration, and Sodium PCA, to trap moisture in so your skin remains supple.
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Royal Jelly Vitamin Infusions Spot Serum with Vitamin C 
The Corrector 
This Vitamin C-enriched serum improves the appearance of dark spots and skin imperfections that appear as a result of sun exposure, aging, and acne. It contains Evergreen Complex, which helps reduce the look of visible spots for a more youthful appearance, and Vitamin C, which targets hidden spots not yet visible.
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Royal Jelly Global Longevity Eye Crème with RoyalActive Peptide 
The Energizer 
This age-defying eye crème instantly gives your eyes a more youthful and energized appearance. The key age-fighting ingredients contained in this multitasking eye crème hydrate your skin and brighten their appearance, while minimizing the look of dark circles and puffiness. It contains our exclusive RoyalActive Peptide to slow the appearance of aging, Wild Algae to calm swollen, puffy eyes caused by allergens, and Cassava, a skin-firming extract to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
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Royal Jelly Global Longevity Balm
The Activator
The first high-performance multi-benefit balm with JAFRA’s exclusive RoyalActive Peptide that promotes skin’s resistance to environmental stressors and the appearance of aging. This stimulating, luxurious multi-benefit balm blends our most advanced active ingredients to help correct signs of aging.
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Royal Jelly Vitamin Infusions Extra Hydration Serum with Vitamin E
The 24-Hour Hydrator
A highly concentrated, targeted serum that treats dry skin issues. This powerful serum continuously infuses moisture to hydrate and soothe for up to 24 hours.
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Royal Jelly Vitamin Infusions Pore Minimizer Serum with Vitamin A
The Refiner
A fast-acting serum that diminishes the appearance of pores and refines skin’s texture. Having a pore emergency? Use this serum to counter slack skin and to keep pores purified and refined.
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Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF 50
The Protector
A sheer, lightweight, and non-greasy SPF 50 protection fluid with vitamin C that helps defend against damage from the sun, free radicals, and other environmental stressors. In addition to decreasing risks associated with sun damage, it also helps diminish the appearance of age spots.  
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Royal Jelly Gentle Cleansing Milk
The Purifier
A multi-tasking cleanser enriched with vitamin C and botanicals that purifies and improves skin. This extremely gentle cleanser nourishes, smoothes, and hydrates skin for a healthier-looking complexion.
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Royal Jelly Smooth & Firm Skin Nutrients
The Provider
A daily dose of advanced nutrition for your skin. These nutrients help give skin extra support for a healthy, radiant, and more youthful appearance.
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JAFRA Revitalizing Sonic Cleanser
The Refresher
Soft silicone bristles thoroughly, yet gently, lift makeup, dirt, and oil, leaving skin fresh and radiant. This powerful tool is more effective than washing with hands alone. By removing dead skin cells, your skin is better able to absorb the benefits of other skin care products.
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