January Staff Picks

Mayra’s Favorite Products

A new year means new adventures to experience and memories to make. Since scent is closely linked to memory (more so than our other senses), why not change up your fragrance routine? Between our latest additions and long-time faves, there are so many great scents to choose from!
Mayra Cortez, Marketing Planner for JAFRA USA, is a big fan of fragrance. From the first JAFRA scent she tried to the one she can’t wait to snag for herself, Mayra shares her top fragrance picks.
Fave fragrance to wear in winter?
Paris et Moi. It’s sweet with a woody base, so it combines the best of both worlds—and it’s so romantic and sophisticated.
First JAFRA fragrance you tried?
Pastel Mysteria. I liked it immediately because it felt like the perfect mix of timeless and modern elements.
Types of fragrances you’re typically drawn to?
I typically go for fresh or woody scents. I like there to be an earthy element, whether it’s crisp or warm.
The fragrance you love on a guy?
It’s really hard for me to choose between Xclusive and JF9 Chrome. They’re both woody but have an edge to them, whether it’s fruity or spicy.
The fragrance you can’t wait to try?
I can’t wait for Double Nature Glam! The mix of tropical berries and peonies is so unique.
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