Vacation Essentials

Must haves for wherever it is you’re going

Packing for a trip is never an easy undertaking; in fact, just the opposite. No doubt you’ve found yourself with a jam-packed suitcase and nothing to wear on at least one occasion. For some of us, the problem is wearing the same outfit for an entire holiday, even though you’ve packed six alternatives - happens every time we leave home.

Why is it so difficult to figure out what to bring on vacation? Packing is a bit of a science; more practical than emotional, and yet we approach it the other way around. Translation: The fear of not having that one perfect item prevents us from being practical. No longer will that be true. Here is a definitive list of summer vacation essentials:

1. Bathing Suit
This is obvious. What’s not is the fact that you don’t need two or three or four suits for a change of pace. If you intend to get sun, you’ll be happier with a single set of tan lines, after all. The only potential reason you may need a second suit? A two piece for lying out and a one piece for activities. End of story.

2. Beach/Pool/City Bag
Bigger than a purse, smaller than a suitcase; this will double as your all-day bag and likely your carry on. You can even slip your purse inside it, along with a change of clothes, a towel and sunscreen if you’re beach or pool bound, or some odds and ends you pick up whilst out being a tourist!

3. Cropped Pants
Dress ‘em up or dress ‘em down, a pair of loose, but tailored trousers cut just above the ankle are not only tres chic, but way versatile. You can pair them with a tank and button down, a t-shirt or a dressier blouse. Same goes for flats or heels.

4. V-neck or Off the Shoulder Tee
These tops go well with your cropped pants. They’re simple, but sexy. Enough said. On a similar note, a crisp blue or white button down never hurts.

5. Day to Night Dress
It’s easy to understand why you’ll want this one handy. Find a dress that works with your flats or your heels and transitions easily to dress up or dress down.

6. Kimono Style or Duster Jacket
Soft, elegant and maybe even silky, this open style jacket can go over your suit, dress or your shirt and slacks combo. Both options will give instant lift to any look and they keep you comfy if night time breezes fall on the cooler side.

7. Comfortable Shoes
The most important shoes to have on vacation? Go for a cute pair of sandals with enough support that you can walk around in them all day. Mix that in with one – yes one - pair of heels for evening time, unless this is a formal holiday, of course. You’ll be a hell of a lot happier and you’ll also see and do more because your feet won’t hate you! 

Wardrobe Update

Five new fashion picks that have that va-va-voom

The spring/summer fashion season is bursting with swoon-worthy items designed to add out-of-the-ordinary style to the basic pieces you already have in your closet. These five genius buys are sure to revamp your look with head-turning impact.

Statement Necklaces
Anything but subtle, artsy, standout chokers and oversized necklaces can be worn to cover or fill your neckline. They freshen up so many things; from a dressy minimalist sheath dress, to a simple tee and a skirt, to your favorite jeans with a button-down shirt. They’re even being seen with cutoffs and easygoing tops. The point being that even though they are large and visually memorable, these necklaces are easy to work around your wardrobe.
Fresh Takes on Pants
There’s absolutely no need to put away your skinny jeans, slim or cropped pants, or cutoffs. Instead, add in a fresh new cut, color or a flowery patterned pair.  For those who want to invest in a safe, fresh take on jeans or chinos, consider a new color like yellow, watermelon, kiwi or peach. The freshest looks in cropped pants have bell or ruffled bottoms, or an athletic vibe with side stripes and a drawstring waist. For the bravest fashionistas, there are new wide leg pants in both long and cropped versions.

Dramatic Shirts
Shirts and blouses have been redesigned with bell sleeves, full sleeves and ruffles. Your old jeans and pencil skirts look brand new with ruffled tops and off the shoulder looks. Try a button down shirt that wraps and ties at the waist to glam up evening basics.
Glam Sunglasses
Sun specs are happening in oversized versions of eye-catching shapes, sizes and colors. Express yourself in flamboyant geometric shapes or circles, blinged out frames and colored lenses in a rainbow of chic choices, especially blue.
The Modern Kimono
The best and most dynamic addition to your closet; the layering piece that elevates plain jeans and a tee, the basic black dress you’ve had for years and can also serve as a swimsuit cover-up, is the fresh take on the kimono. Look for it in long, knee length, and even cropped versions to add some fun, flowy, artsy charm to your wardrobe.

Dressed to Fest

The best new looks for festival season

Year after year, it seems like a given that music festival fashion never changes. Ah, but not so fast. This year, it has! Finally, it’s safe to ditch that passé flower crown and culturally appropriated feather headdress in favor of cooler and more comfortable styles. What’s hot? Keep reading!

Bathing Suits as Body Suits
It’s hot outside. You’re in the sun for hours. What could be better, or more fitting, than a bikini top? Swimsuits as bodysuits will be everywhere this season, as seen at Coachella. Feeling extra daring? A bralette will also do the trick. Either choice can work with any bottom too; from cut offs, to track suit pants, to chic skirts to sailor pants. Make a statement and get some sun, just don’t skimp on the sunscreen!

DJs in your PJs
Pajamas as anything but have been a thing for a while. It’s no wonder this trend is making its rounds on the festival circuit. Comfortable and extra breathable when worn open with – you guessed it, a bralette or bathing suit top underneath. You’ll be styling whether you want to dance all night, or take a nap.

Braids and Buns
As you may have noticed, the 90s are back and there’s no place where that’s more obvious than festival hairstyles. Harken back to Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt days - or more recently, Lena Dunham in the final season of Girls, with a pair of mini buns atop your head. Go full Lisa Bonet in Angel Heart with waist length braids and you’ll fit right in at any festival.

Double Denim
Don’t worry, we’re not talking Britney and Justin in the early 2000s! However, double denim has made a serious comeback and can be chic when handled with the right touch. That means no matching sets.
Lennon and Lolita
No festival wardrobe is complete without the right shades. Round specs are having a moment of course, but if you’re feeling funky (we’re talking about music festivals, after all), heart shaped sunglasses will up your fashion ante and feel like fun!

Spring 2017 Denim Trends

Denim styles you’ll want to be in all season long

Denim is a must-have in every wardrobe. Spring 2017 denim trends are fun and fabulous. Here are some hot spring denim trends to freshen up your style this season.
The Extras
Jeans this spring have flash and bling! Look for styles that have rhinestones or embroidery for a look that is glam, yet comfy at the same time. Pair your fancy jeans with a white t-shirt or button down to balance out the look.
Crop & Kick
Cropped kick flare denim is just as it sounds; a shorter pant with a slight flare. This silhouette is ideal for the transition from winter to spring and looks fab with ankle boots or chunky slides. Petite gals will want to check the inseam or get them a petite size, so they don’t look like regular flares.
Patch It Up
Patchwork denim is another hot trend this spring. This style definitely has a boho casual feel, so it’s perfect to wear on the weekend. Pair them with booties, kitten heels or loafers, and solid top for an insta--chic outfit.
In Living Color                             
Spring is the perfect time to wear pretty pastels to show the world that you are ready for the cheerful warmer weather. This season, hues such as sunset orange, mint blue, dusty rose and squash yellow squash make your jeans fresh fun and wearable.
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