Ski Bunny Skincare

Preparation and Protection for the Slopes

The winter season brings not only the fun of the holidays, but the opportunity for exciting cold weather sports, such as skiing. However, hitting the slopes can mean switching gears from the glammed up holiday season to effortlessly glowing skin- all while combating the harsh elements. Here are some tips for radiant skin; before, during and of course, après ski.
Prep your skin pre-ski
One week before your ski trip, stop using retinol or AHA products; these can make your skin more sensitive to the sun and be more drying. Instead, opt for intense moisturizers each evening before going to bed to infuse hydration into your skin.
High-level SPF
The high mountain altitude can make your skin more susceptible to sunburn, so before you get on your skis, be sure to slather on a high level SPF onto your face and reapply often during the day. Amp up your sunscreen by applying a Vitamin C serum first; the Vitamin C will give your skin the extra armor to defend again environmental aggressors, such as wind, freezing air and extra strong UV rays. Follow your sunscreen with a BB cream or CC cream that contains SPF to even out your skin tone, while protecting at the same time.
Don’t forget your lips and neck
Your lips need constant care while on the slopes, so take extra care of them. Apply a lip balm with SPF often during the day; followed of course with a hydrating lip gloss. If your lips seem flaky, exfoliate them by applying petroleum jelly to a soft toothbrush and gently scrubbing your lips to remove any dry, flaky skin. While your neck might be covered while skiing, sometimes it can still be exposed to the elements, so apply a neck firming cream before wrapping your scarf.
After you have taken off your skis and enjoyed your après ski cocoa, it is time to pamper your skin from the day. Remove your makeup with a gentle cleanser and apply a serum specifically designed to treat dry skin, such as JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Vitamin Infusions Extra Hydration Serum with Vitamin E. Follow with a nutrient rich night moisturizer designed to boost your skin’s natural moisture barrier, such as JAFRA’s Advance Dynamics Hydrating Night Moisture.

Building A Fragrance Wardrobe

4 Scents You Need

A fragrance wardrobe? Yeah, it’s a thing. Just like you’ve outfitted your closet with stylish staples like a little black dress and the perfect pair of jeans, you need a well-rounded fragrance collection that has the right scent for every occasion.
Choosing a fragrance can be overwhelming, especially with the abundance of options available. And once you make a choice, how do you know when to wear it? Perhaps you own too many you rarely use, or maybe you’ve been stuck on the same one for years. Having a signature scent is great, but it’s important to build a select set of go-to’s that cover your bases.
Don’t know where to start? We’ve broken down the four scents every woman needs to stay prepared for anything that comes her way!
1. The Everyday Essential
Your everyday scent should be relatively light and versatile. Think fresh and uplifting florals, fruit, or greenery that are inviting, but not overpowering.
We suggest: Gardenia Blossom or Eau d'Arômes.
2. The Night Owl
This is your chance to change it up if it’s a night out that calls for it. Grabbing dinner or drinks? Go for a deeper scent with warm or spicy base notes that add after-dark allure to any fragrance.
We suggest: Pastel Mysteria or Adorisse Pure Gold.
3. The VIP
As in Very Important Perfume, of course! Break out this scent for special occasions—think dates, weddings, galas, and parties. Go for bolder scents that get attention, whether it’s spicy and warm or sparkling and fresh.
We suggest: Paris et Moi.
4. The Scent of the Season
No matter the occasion, you should always have a scent on-hand that feels of-the-moment—one that’s on-trend and practical for the environment. Think light and uplifting notes when you’re showing more skin in hot weather. Go with stronger, warmer notes when you’re layering up for cold weather.
We suggest: Vesen in the summer, Inégale in the winter.

5 Things To STOP Doing In 2017

Simple ways to increase your happiness

This time of year, we tend to focus on what we want to start doing – eating healthy, going to the gym more, that kind of stuff. All great pursuits, but what about considering the things you should to stop doing? Here are top picks for behaviors to stop in 2017.
Comparing Yourself to Others
“If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.” That’s from Desiderata, a 1927 pose poem by writer Max Ehrmann. Get a copy and hang it over your bathroom mirror. Ehrmann had this brilliant insight, but also many more worth living by.
Ascribing Intent
Just because somebody didn’t quickly reply to your text message doesn’t mean they don’t care about you! And maybe the checkout lady isn’t smiling because her dog died or her back hurts – not because she’s trying to slight you. Get it? The least happy people look for ways that people are insulting or demeaning them. Don’t. Do. This.
Indulging in Catastrophic Thinking
If you have a headache, you have a brain tumor. If you call home and nobody answers, your spouse has left you. Don’t laugh. Catastrophic thinking -- indulging in or ruminating about worst-case scenarios -- is a major source of stress. So much so that the University of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Army have developed programs to help soldiers avoid this very type of thinking (read about it here). So how can you stop it? First, recognize the habit. Then control your fear enough to force yourself to mentally list all the benign or even great things that could also be happening instead of the catastrophe. So maybe you have a headache because you need a glass of water or you have a sinus infection? And maybe nobody answered the phone because your spouse is grocery shopping or giving your dog a bath? Mentally force yourself to focus on the better options, because frankly, catastrophes happen, but not all that often. 
Inflating Your Expectations
Some people fall into a nasty habit of assuming, but never being clear about their expectations. Case in point: A friend worked for a small business owner for several years. The owner adored her. When he closed down his shop and she had to move on, she found out he contributed very little money to her 401(k). She was livid, disappointed and heart broken. But only because she’d dreamed up the idea that her boss was somehow “taking care of her” even if he never said this and even if she never received account statements proving this. On a small scale, many of us do this daily. We expect our spouses to cook dinner because we’re running late. And then we’re disappointed when it doesn’t happen. Expect nothing this year. Try asking instead. That way, if it doesn’t happen, you earned your disappointment.
Not Letting Go
Life is about loss. There’s nothing to be done about it. Do you have grief over a lost relationship? A job opportunity you blew? A friend, family member or pet who died? Just like you, every human has some number of these losses. In 2017, don’t hide from your losses (that is, don’t waste time obsessing over the past or what was/wasn’t, did/didn’t). Feel your grief and embrace that there’s no “getting over” loss. Instead, just let go. Letting go means simply that you’re able to move forward in your life with the full acceptance that you lost something valuable, but also that you won’t allow the loss to define or harm you. If you can’t do this – and there are plenty of people who can’t (that’s why we have stalker laws) – get professional help pronto.

Return to Normal After the Holiday

Getting You and Your Family Back into a Routine

The holidays are coming to an end and it might seem like your whole life is turned around; the kids have been out of school, there have been parties and food galore and no one (including yourself) has had a sleep schedule. Get back on track after weeks of indulgence with these simple tips.
Establish sleep and eating schedules for the whole family.
After weeks of being able to stay up late and sleep in, your kids might have a hard time waking up early for school. A few days before returning to school, be strict about bedtime and wake times, not only for your children, but for yourself as well. While you’re at it, start eating nutritious meals on a schedule. Making your family’s favorite healthy foods will make this much easier. Finally, try to remove most of the fattening holiday treats from your home to eliminate the temptation.
Schedule your post-holiday workouts.
The holidays can be fun and hectic, which means workouts can fall to the wayside. Get your fitness regimen back on track by scheduling your favorite workouts and writing them in your calendar. You can motivate yourself even more by having a fitness buddy to make sure you get to the gym, or even just get in a walk. Even if you don’t have time for a full workout, having a friend to check in with can be encouraging. Finally, this is the time to drink plenty of water. After eating and drinking for weeks your body needs the hydration. Drinking water will also give you energy to workout and will help to eliminate toxins. 
Be prepared.
The night before returning to school and work, have everything prepared for the next day; lunches made, outfits ready to go, backpacks at the door. Try to do the same for the first week so the mornings are easier for everyone in the family. Even having your outfit and makeup organized for the next morning can make it easier to return to normal.
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