Beauty and the Beach

Hit the beach with your beauty essentials in-toe

One of the best parts of summertime is being able to have fun at the beach, whether you’re  at home or on vacation. Feeling the warm sun embrace your body, listening to the waves and feeling sand between your toes is essential to a relaxing summer. However, your beauty regimen needs to adjust to the beach; not only do you want to feel pretty, but it is vital to protect your face, body and hair from the effects of the sun and ocean. Here are some tips to feel like a beach babe:

Beach Body
Let’s face it- at the beach you will most likely be wearing a bathing suit; which means you need to get your body ready to be seen! The night before going to the beach, exfoliate your skin with a body brush (one to try is JAFRA’s Face and Body Cleansing System, which comes with a specific body brush), to remove dull and dry skin.  Follow with a body oil and moisturizer to make your skin smooth and soft. Thirty minutes before hitting the beach, apply a full spectrum sunscreen (such as JAFRA’s Body Protector Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50) all over your body. Each hour while you are at the beach, remember to reapply sun protection, especially if you swim in the ocean.  Après-beach refresh your skin with a lotion such as JAFRA’s Cooling After-Sun Lotion, which contains aloe and shea butter, ingredients proven to soothe the skin.

Beach Hair
Relaxing at the beach means being easy breezy, especially when it comes to your hair. The sun and ocean can not only make your tresses dry and brittle, but these elements can also fade your color if you get highlights or color your hair. If your hair is long, consider braiding it for a trendy and super functional look! You can also wet your hair and slick it back with a hair oil for a moisture treatment while you play. Of course, a wide-brimmed hat is another option to look chic while also being protected.

Glowing, Healthy Makeup
Get your face beach ready by applying an antioxidant serum under your sunscreen; the antioxidants will give your skin a defense boost against the effects of the sun. Next, a high SPF sunscreen is a must; one to try is JAFRA’s Face Protector Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50. Even out your complexion with a CC, or Complexion Corrector Cream that will give you lightweight coverage and will be easy to reapply. Waterproof mascara will open up your eyes without the risk of smearing off and a slick of a moisturizing lip gloss, such as JAFRA’s High Shine Moisture Gloss, will give your lips a sun-kissed glimmer.

Hair for Thought

Is being a vegetarian affecting your hair?

There are many paths to living a healthy lifestyle; from working out, to mindfulness, to eating a balanced diet. Some people choose to eliminate all animal products (meat, dairy, etc.) and consume only a vegetarian diet, whether it is for health, moral or religious reasons. While a vegetarian diet can be beneficial, it can also affect the health of our skin, nails and specifically, our hair. If you are a vegetarian and are noticing your hair is breaking or thinning, here are some nutrients and foods to discuss with your doctor or registered dietician to ensure that you get everything you need to keep your hair strong, thick and shiny:
Don’t Forget Protein
Our hair is comprised mainly of protein, so a lack of meat or fish can definitely wreak havoc on the strength of our locks. Luckily, there are numerous vegetarian and plant based sources for protein, including nuts, seeds, beans and lentils. If you can incorporate these nutrient-rich protein sources into your diet, you can fuel your hair.
Pump Up on Iron
Another nutrient that is vital to the health of our hair is iron, naturally found in meat sources. Iron is important for the growth cycle of our hair, so adding in plenty of dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale can provide a vegetarian with this mineral.  Other nutrients that contribute to the overall health of our hair include zinc, biotin and vitamin D. Vegetarian sources of zinc include soybeans, oats and wheat germ and vegan sources of biotin include sunflower seeds and cauliflower. Vitamin D can be found in fortified milks, such as almond milk or a daily dose of sunshine.
A Balanced Diet
No matter what kind of diet you follow, vegetarian or not, eating well-balanced meals with a variety of proteins, grains and vitamin sources is essential to having strong, healthy hair. A final key factor to getting healthy strong hair is limiting heat styling. This means  hair dryers, irons and chemical treatments, which can often be a major contributor to thin, brittle and breaking hair.

June Staff Picks

See what products Sarah has her eyes on this month

We asked our Communications Copywriter Sarah Levis a few questions about which products make her summer brighter and here’s what she had to say:
Fill in the blank: If I didn't have __________________ , I would hide until the fall!

My Rapid Dry Nail Lacquer in Raspberry Rush keeps me feeling put together (even on Mondays!)
Pick a product that makes you feel undeniably beautiful.
My Full Coverage Matte Lipstick makes me feel beautiful; it adds the perfect amount of color and doesn’t dry out your lips so you don’t need to wear much of any other make up!
Favorite summer eye look. Go!
Less is more in my book. Adding my black Kajal eyeliner to my lash line with my Volume Building Mascara and finishing up with a touch of brown shadow on my crease creates a natural but undeniably chic.
What's your go-to product for an outside summer event?
A giant hat and my Royal Jelly Solar Protection Broad Spectrum in SPF 50, no wrinkles for this girl!
Top summer skin care saver?
Summer months can brutal especially if you live in hot, dry climates. Moisturizing my face with Royal Jelly Global Longevity Crème is light for hotter days and leaves my skin baby soft.
Favorite waterproof product?
My High Definition Waterproof Mascara, of course! Perfect when you know you’ll be outside all day (and night) and I don’t have to worry about smudging or flakiness.

Beauty Travel Must-Haves

Tips to make your next trip a little easier

Whether you travel for work or are heading off to vacation, packing your beauty products is one of the most important parts of your trip; especially when you have to fit your carry-on liquids into a quart-sized clear plastic bag! There are definitely some beauty products that are essential travel companions. Here is a guide to makeup, skincare and haircare that should make your voyage:
Multi-tasking products are a girl’s best friend while travelling. Starting with your foundation, opt for a cream to powder foundation, such as JAFRA’s Cream to Powder Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15, which goes on like a cream but sets like a powder and allows you buildable coverage. A creamy, solid concealer can cover up dark circles and blemishes or can be used on your upper lids to brighten up your eyes. Define your eyes with a self-sharpening, automatic eyeliner pencil in black or brown (you can also smudge the eyeliner in the outer corners of your eyelids for an evening look). Your eyebrows should not be forgotten; pack a dual-ended eyebrow pencil/ highlighter, such as JAFRA’s Brow Define and Lift Duo. Not only can you define your eyebrows and brow bone, but you can use the highlighter on the tops of your cheeks or inner corners of your eyes for a night out on the town. Another travel essential is a neutral lip pencil. Similar to the eyeliner, pack an automatic pencil so you do not need to worry about sharpening and use it to define and fill in your lips, or even to spot cover a pimple. Finally, finish your face with a creamy lip crayon; it’s portable, easy and perfect for on-the-go.
Skin Care
Just like your makeup, your skin care needs to multitask while you travel to be effective. Pack your favorite cleanser (if it’s over three ounces, take a small sample in a travel-sized bottle) and two moisturizers; one daytime moisturizer that has an SPF and your favorite night cream. Another skin care essential is a power-packed moisture balm, such as JAFRA’s Royal Jelly Extra Soothing Balm, which can be used on dry cuticles, elbows, knees or even to slick down fly-away hair.
Hair Care
In addition to your daily shampoo and conditioner (placed in carry-on size bottles), pack a multi-tasking hair treatment, such as JAFRA’s Hair Detangling and Shine Spray. Your other essential items should be a travel-sized brush and no-tangle ponytail bands for hair that is always polished and styled. 
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