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If Beauty Were an Olympic Event, What Would Your Score Be?

Are you scoring a 10.0 when it comes to your skincare and beauty rituals, or are you more of a 3.5?
Using the traditional scoring system for judged events, we’re splitting your beauty routine into two overall categories — technical and artistic — and trusting you to award yourself points fairly and honestly in each event: 10.0 for perfection, 5.0 for a great effort, and 1.0 for a total fail.
Get ready…go!
Technical merit
Technical merit is where “degree of difficulty” is typically evaluated and scored. So even if you don’t get something perfect, you still get points for attempting a really tough move.
  • Applying your own false eyelashes perfectly the first time
  • Complete nighttime cleansing. (No residual makeup at all!)
  • Creating cleanly defined, symmetrical cat-eyes freehand. No corrections or do-overs!
  • Layering your serums, moisturizer, and lotions correctly everyday (I.e., serum, moisturizer, SPF)
  • Shaping your brows so they match each other exactly
Artistic merit
Artistic merit includes originality, timing, and what is called “control of apparatus,” which, for anyone who has ever wielded a flatiron or blowdryer, knows isn’t for amateurs.
  • Flatironing your hair smooth and shiny. No accidental crimps! No fumbles!
  • Contouring your face like a Kardashian
  • Blowing out your ‘do pin straight, including the back, in 10 minutes or less
  • Creating your own delightful, subtle signature fragrance with scent layering
  • Achieving the perfect “no-makeup” look using 15 or more products
Cumulative score
Add your individual scores together and divide by 10 to get your overall Beauty Olympics score.
More of a 1.0 than a 10.0? Not to worry, all it takes to improve is practice! As tennis star extraordinaire Venus Williams observed, “You have to believe in yourself when no one else does — that makes you a winner right there.”
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Lifestyle Scene

This Self-Sabotaging Behavior May Surprise You

Many women know exactly what they want in life - career success, a fit body, great relationships, and some of them even have a pretty good idea of the behaviors and habits it takes to get what they want. Yet why don’t they do it? Oftentimes, it’s self-sabotage. That’s the process whereby we do (or don’t do) something that’s completely counterproductive to our goals and desires. It happens often on a small scale – skipping meals, though you know that’ll just make you overeat later—and sometimes on a much larger scale as well (i.e. you want a happy marriage, but you have an affair).
You don’t have to be rocket scientist to know that overdrinking, drugging, gossiping, cheating, overeating and procrastinating are all examples of self-sabotaging behaviors.  But another key way women self-sabotage might very well surprise you.
“The biggest way women self-sabotage is by getting into a cycle of comparison and assessing themselves negatively - internalizing negative beliefs about how they fall short in their careers, relationships, attractiveness or what have you,” says Andrea Bonoir, PhD, a Washington, D.C.-based licensed clinical psychologist. “This is especially dangerous in this age of social media, where everyone appears to have lives that are more perfect than they really are.” See, when you obsess over how everyone else has it made, you put yourself into the “poor me” mindset, and if you stay there long enough, you’ll convince your poor little ‘ol self that you have no power and no choices -the epitome of self-sabotage. Besides, what you’re really doing is comparing your insides to other people’s outsides – hardly a fair comparison.
To help mitigate self-sabotaging triggers, stop studying your neighbors and friends on Facebook and start thinking about your own goals and how you can structure your daily life to support those goals. Do this enough and you might just get everything you want, or at least get very darn close.
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This Self-Sabotaging Behavior May Surprise You
Tips and Tutorials

Jet-Setting Beauty Care

Warm weather is in full force, which means summer travel is here! However, we all know that being on an airplane, especially during a long flight can mean dry, worn-out skin. To top it off, airplane regulations limit the liquids and products that we can carry on with us, so here are some tips to make sure you arrive looking healthy, happy and pretty with limited use of lotions and potions.

Prep your carry-on
Since we are restricted to how much we can carry onto the plane and be stored in our suitcases, buy some small containers and transfer your favorite beauty products into them. On the airplane itself, be sure to have your favorite facial moisturizer, serum and hand cream on hand for easy reach.

Take it all off
Once you board the airplane it is time to take off any makeup during flight. The easiest, most portable solution are baby wipes; sweep one across your face for clean skin that is ready to be beauty treated! To swipe away stubborn eye-makeup, you can also “pre-dip” cotton swabs in makeup remover and take them with you in your quart size plastic bag.

Moisture mask
Now is the time to infuse moisture into your skin. Apply a thick layer of a rich moisturizer to your face (this way you will not have the look of a true face mask which may scare some people!). Follow with an eye cream and a hydrating lip balm to cover all bases. The last step is to moisturize your hands – something you will continue to do throughout the flight.

May I have some water please?
During the flight drink as much water as possible; take every chance you can to hydrate your body from the inside out. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine since these can dehydrate you even more.

Arrival time
About 1 hour before landing, use another baby wipe to clean your face. Apply an antioxidant serum to recharge your skin; now you are ready for makeup. Keep your makeup simple - a CC cream with an SPF like JAFRA's CC Creme is your best bet; you can even out your skin tone, moisturize and protect at the same time. Use a creamy concealer to cover up any dark circles and now you have a polished face.

Color me pretty
Complete your face with a cream blush applied to your cheeks to attain a healthy glow. Touch up your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and sweep on a few coats of black mascara to open up your eyes. Your final step is to apply a neutral pink lip balm; look for pencil lip balms since these are TSA friendly! 
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Fashion Scene

The Art of Creating Your Personal Style

Developing a wardrobe that shows off your personal style is a powerful asset to have under your belt for a number of reasons: It will help you look your best consistently, it will boost your self-confidence, you will feel comfortable in your day to day life, and will make an impression to the world that genuinely helps others see who you really are. Developing a wardrobe is also fun, chic and works to your benefit in both business and relationships.

Cultivating your own fashion statement is a mix of knowing what flatters your body and takes into consideration the practical needs your clothes must fulfill throughout your day. The idea is to pull together outfits only using pieces you really like and feel good in that express your tastes in fashion. There’s no need to have a professional stylist, a hefty fashion budget, or be a slave to style to curate a look of your own. Here are the basics:

We are generally at our best when we are comfortable in our clothes.

Don’t wear what doesn’t fit, or causes you to walk or sit self-consciously. Ask yourself, what do I wear over and over that makes me feel good and gets compliments? Start there. If you try on pieces that are too tight, too loose or fit only here or there, don’t put down your credit card, even if the salesperson is applauding your reflection in the three way mirror. If some minor nip and tuck tailoring has an excellent possibility of making the piece a perfect fit, then go for it.

What’s the story you want your clothes to tell about you?

I’m a mom. I’m an artist. I’m an attorney with an edgy side. To make a more personal impression, don’t wear one designer or one trend head to toe. Train your eye to put together outfits that suit you and are current by doing a little fashion research each season before you shop. Start by working with the basics you already have in your closet and then change the mood to fit yours - romantic, sultry, modern—just with accessories. Peruse your favorite fashion blogs, magazines, catalogs, and do some window shopping without your wallet in tow, just to get a sense of what’s in stores and to find looks you that you love and that will work for your body, job and lifestyle.
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The Art of Creating Your Personal Style

The Fab Five: What’s Hot in August

A heated debate concerning what products would be named in the August-Five yielded a skin care tool you never knew you needed, an honorable mention of a pair of oldies, and some timeless fragrance goodies.
Just when you thought that cleansing your face alone with your bare hands would give you that clean-you-can-see feeling, we’ve upped  the ante with a skin care tool that even blows our minds – the Revitalizing Sonic Cleanser. This must for all skin care regimens is a soft-bristled cleansing device that delivers next-level cleansing results because it sloughs off dead skin cells and preps skin to better absorb other skin care products. Use this tool in conjunction with the Royal Jelly Gentle Cleansing Milk, which gently purifies and cleanses resulting in a healthy-looking complexion.   
Always be mistaken for the woman who cares about how she looks, just a little, by employing the help of Royal Jelly Radiance Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20 – a lightweight, light to medium coverage solution that blurs imperfections for a Soft Focus finish and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, the Advanced Intellishield+ and Broad Spectrum SPF 20 that is built into this luxurious liquid foundation, helps protect your skin not only from the sun, but also from environmental aggressors.   
Now on to the smell good portion of the program…  
If there’s any question as to what to give the woman who radiates opulence and sophistication - a woman who sounds a lot like you? Give her/you Special Edition JAFRA Diamonds - a scent that celebrates the sparkle and shine of the world’s most endeared gemstones – diamonds. Be mesmerized by the multi-faced design of the JAFRA Diamonds bottle, and then fall in love with the luxurious blend: hand-plucked orange blossoms that unveil a fresh feminine top note, refreshed by drops of Juicy Pear, Mandarin and Bergamot, balanced with hearty Apricot, Ginger, Patchouli, and rests with everlasting cashmere woods and sensually-rich patchouli and praline.
The new, modern shape of Special Edition Pastel Eau de Toilette signifies JAFRA’s commitment to meeting modernity head on with a fresh new take on a JAFRA-favorite. The newest updates include a new, contemporary shape that is less rounded than before, the glass is clear, and the berry-colored cap is an exact match to the roses on the front-facing side of the bottle.
To round up this month’s Fab Five celebration, we looked to the classics – two of which helped put JAFRA on the fragrance map: Risqué and JANDÉ. JANDÉ Eau de toilette is the modern woman’s nod to founder, Jan Day with its gentle reference to orchids - Jan’s favorite flower. Risqué Eau de toilette is a sensuality-driven, captivating, warm fragrance rich in floras that lingers long after its first application.  
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