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No-Hassle Travel

You’re going on vacation and of course you want to take excellent care of your skin every single day, but you also want to keep your cosmetics product count to a minimum. Maybe you’re even planning to zip through the airport with only carry-on luggage. What’s a girl to do?
Check out these strategies to help simplify your next trip (while still staying gorgeous, of course):
Send a beauty care package ahead. With the ever-increasing cost of checking bags on flights and the strict rules at security, it makes sense to send at least some of your belongings ahead of you.
There are a number of companies like Baggage Quest and Luggage Forward that specialize in transporting bags to meet you at your destination, but if you’re just shipping your favorite skincare and cosmetic products, you may want to go direct with one of the major shippers like FedEx or UPS. (Be aware that perfume, nail polish and nail polish remover are on some shippers’ no-go list, so get that vacation manicure done at home!)
Arrange for a courier company to pick up your beauty care package from your home a few days ahead of your trip, and don’t forget to measure out and save the amount of product you’ll need for the days before you leave.
Make your own mini ritual kit. There are lots of well-made transparent cosmetic cases, complete with tiny bottles that satisfy the TSA carry-on rules of airport security. Choose one like the L.L. Bean Sea to Summit Travelling Light Pouch that has six small bottles: three 3 oz. and three 1.3 oz. Fill one of the bigger bottles with JAFRA Royal Jelly Cleansing Milk and another one with JAFRA Royal Jelly Solar Protection Fluid. Use one small bottle for whichever of the Royal Jelly Vitamin Infusions Serums you prefer and a second one for the Royal Jelly Global Longevity Balm. Now your JAFRA Royal Jelly beauty ritual is ready to hit the road with you.
If needed, use the remaining bottles for shampoo and conditioner. You should still have room for a sample-size toothpaste tube, sample-size deodorant and a toothbrush. You may even be able to squeeze in a mascara and lipstick.
Choose a cosmetics bag and products that do double-duty. If you opt to travel with a fancy designer cosmetics case, you can probably enlist it as an evening clutch purse, saving yourself luggage space.
Then try some beauty hacks like using brown eyeshadow as shadow, brow powder and eyeliner. (Wet a liner brush and sweep it through the eyeshadow to pick up enough color to create a defined line.) Take along a matte lipstick that you can also use as cream blush by picking up a little color on your fingers and gently rubbing it on the apples of your cheeks.
Bon voyage!

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Lifestyle Scene

The Book Report: Best Novels for Women

Last month, I posted about my favorite non-fiction books for women. This month I asked a bunch of my writer friends to send me their suggestions for fiction novel must-reads for every woman. Here are some of the novels that made the list. Read them all, and then buy your favorites as gifts for your women friends!

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston is a classic and powerful Southern love story. One friend told me that Janie (the protagonist) is still one of her literary heroes. Another friend told me that she first read the book in a college literature class, and she’ll never forget when she encountered the passage about the peach tree blooming.

Housekeeping, the inaugural novel by Marilynne Robinson is about family drama, loss, longing, loving and loneliness. Also read Robinson’s later novel Gilead, which won a Pulitzer Prize.

Written by Nobel Prize winner, Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye is a meditation on beauty and conformity. Also read Morrison’s Sula & Beloved. Quite simply, you can never go wrong with a Toni Morrison book.

The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood is set in a fictional near-future where women aren’t allowed money, jobs or knowledge. This novel is a satire and warning. More importantly, it’s a must-read. For those of you who like Twitter, you can also find Atwood there where she tweets often and is every bit the writer-activist, even with only 140 characters.

Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison is a heart-wrenching story of a poor family in South Carolina. Women I know who love this book say it’s nearly perfect.

For those of you who appreciate the unusual, read Why Did I Ever by Mary Robison. It’s a story of a middle-aged working mom who struggles to keep it together despite her grown kids’ problems and her own. This novel is constructed out of fragmented paragraphs, which reads dark, funny and crazy – kind of like real life.

Written by the same author as the The Color Purple, Alice Walker, The Temple of My Familiar is a love story, a fable and a feminist manifesto all rolled into one riveting read. What could be better?

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The Book Report: Best Novels for Women
Tips and Tutorials

Make Braids Work For You

Braids are having a moment. From the runways at fashion week to every red carpet in tinsel town, the world’s chicest women have been putting on the plaits in unexpected ways this season. And it’s no wonder. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or need to add a little something special to your look, braids will do the trick. Dressed up or dressed down, they can highlight your face, disguise unruly locks or simply help you break up the monotony of your otherwise daily do. Best of all, whatever your length, texture or face shape, there’s a braid that works for you.
Parlez-Vous Français?
You don’t need to speak French to seize the simplicity of this elegant and versatile look - medium length hair and a few minutes of time will suffice. Simply start as far back from your face as you like and gather three sections of hair (one each from the left, right and middle). Then, begin braiding, sweeping up more hair from alternating sides with each round. Depending on how tight you pull, you’ll get a different effect. Looking for high impact drama? Pull hard and tight. Want a more romantic, windswept look? Knit your hair together loosely and tuck the tail under in back once you’ve secured it. Bottom line: whichever style of French braid you opt for, the result is a polished ‘do that travels. 
Knock ‘em out
Meanwhile, if the tightly-cropped French braid works for you, why not try two? Popularized by Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, then taken to the red carpet by stars like Amanda Seyfreid, Boxer Braids are an easy way to add some edge to any outfit. Simply part your hair down the center then follow the French braid directions twice, pulling as tight as you can stand. Don’t be afraid to let the braid stand up (almost like corn rows). The resulting hairstyle goes great with a smoky eye and will emphasize your face…along with your saucy attitude!
Go half way
What about a more gentle approach? Don’t braid your whole head! Take a small section from the front of your scalp, probably to one side or slightly off-center and create a small braid. Do the same on the other side. Then, fasten both back around your head for a half up-half down look that’s a little more polished than simply pulling both sides back. You can even try small French braids on the sides to pack some extra punch. The key is to leave the back long and loose. And finally…
Crowning glory
When it comes to updos, a crown of braid(s) will keep you au courant any time and any place. Want proof? See Olivia Wilde’s French braid at this year’s Oscars. It circled the crown of her head and led back to a braided bun, creating a look that suited the year’s biggest party, yet would’ve complemented any office outfit – the signature of this style’s versatility.  

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Fashion Scene

Summer 2016 Swimsuit Trends

Ladies, it’s that time of year again when the temperatures rise, and people run for their pools, beaches and backyard barbecues. Translation? You need a new swimsuit. And whether you want to keep it simple with a standard black bikini or mix it up with a festive print or crocheted one-piece, this year brings a bevy of options to flatter any body type, and have fun while you’re doing it!
So, without further ado, here’s what’s hot for Summer 2016…                    
High neck crop tops
Necklines are becoming more noticeable this season – witness this year’s selection of halter crop tops! Rising all the way up to the collarbone, sometimes with cut outs or other embellishments, these suits offer more coverage than a standard bikini top while still leaving the midriff exposed for maximum tanning. Bottom line: they’re flattering no matter your cup size and will emphasize your toned shoulders.
Caged and strappy sex appeal
Whether they remind you of bondage or Bond girls, sexy, strappy suits with strategically placed cut outs that make for tantalizing tan lines are all the rage this season. From geometric one pieces with zig-zagging back straps to neutral tanks with stripes crisscrossing over the breast bone to full-on swimwear that takes on the bandage dress, these suits leave a mark that lasts long after you take them off. The skinny: seriously sexy for anyone who dares to wear them.
Prints, prints and more prints
Sure you can find neutrals – particularly if you’re open to embellishments like those listed above. However, you’ll likely notice that prints are all the rage this season – tempting even the most conservative to live a little. Expect to see everything from paisleys to geometrics to Aztec-inspired suits everywhere you look. Hint: including your mirror!
Sporty Spice
Last, but certainly not least is a look that any lady can love, known affectionately as sporty spice. These suits have built-in sports bras and are known as much for their comfort as their style. Throw on a skimpy bottom with a support top and it’s a surprisingly sexy combo. Even if you go full coverage in a once-piece, these flattering suits make it easy to be on the beach all day and look great while doing it. The verdict: you don’t have to be an athlete to love this chic yet sporty style, but you might wind up feeling like one! 
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Summer 2016 Swimsuit Trends

May Staff Picks

Our goal at JAFRA is to be a positive influence in women’s lives, and seeing the incredible results of that influence is just one of the many perks we enjoy. Another awesome perk? Getting to try the best in beauty from skincare to makeup products that have ever been created!
We asked Mayra Cortez, Junior Marketing Promotion Coordinator for JAFRA USA to tell us what her favorite JAFRA products are, and her list spans on-the-go necessities to the perfect summer fragrance.
Favorite new JAFRA product:
Royal Jelly Radiance Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 20
“I love how lightweight it is! Plus, I always get the coverage I want. I can wear it sheer to work and build coverage to go out with my friends.”
The product you always have in your purse:

Long Wear Lip Gloss in Never Ending Nude 
“No matter where I’m going or what I’m doing, I can never go wrong with a nude color. It's perfect.”
Favorite fragrance for summer:

“I love this scent! It’s perfect for any occasion because it’s not overpowering.”
Beauty product you need on a long flight (or layover):

Royal Jelly Global Longevity Balm
“It was love at first try! It makes my skin feel amazing, especially when I get so dehydrated on flights.”
Go-to nail color:

Rapid Dry Nail Lacquer in Raspberry Rush
“It's sophisticated yet edgy, and it goes with a surprising number of things! It’s a must-have.”

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