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Yitsu Trio

  • 0000303892
  • $47.00

For the modern guy who exudes effortless cool, Yitsu is the way to go. This Oriental, ambery, spicy fragrance for men features notes of Japanese bamboo, tea flower, and black pepper. The enticing combination is one you can't ignore. This popular men's fragrance and its complementing deodorant makes for the perfect gift, and the duo is now available for a special price!

Yitsu EDT | 3.3 fl. oz.
Yitsu Deodorant Stick | 2 oz.

Choose 1:
Yitsu EDT | 3.3 fl. oz.
Epic Cologne | 3.3 fl. oz.
FM Force Magnétique EDT | 3.3 fl. oz.
Valferra EDT | 3.3 fl. oz.
Blazon EDT | 3.3 fl. oz.
Silver Canyon EDT | 2.5 fl. oz.

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