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Woody and Fougère Fragrances Duo

  • 0000303049
  • $49.00

For a limited time, get two of these fine fragrances for men for a special price. For a rugged men's fragrance, opt for the woodsy Valferra that's hearty and spicy, and for a modern fragrance, go for the notes of Japanese bamboo, tea flower, and black pepper in Yitsu. Silver Canyon is a strong and passionate fragrance for men featuring sandalwood, citrus, and grapefruit with notes of black pepper, while Blazon is a minty floral fragrance with classic notes of leather and wood as well as warm vanilla and amber. As the name suggests, Force Magnétique is a fougère marine/watery fragrance for men who draw people in and are impossible to ignore, while Epic is a refreshing men's cologne featuring a vibrant blend of citrus, lavender, black pepper, mint, patchouli, and white musk.

Choose 2:
Valferra EDT | 3.3 fl. oz.
Epic Cologne | 3.3 fl. oz.
Blazon EDT | 3.3 fl. oz.
FM Force Magnétique EDT | 3.3 fl. oz.
Silver Canyon EDT | 2.5 fl. oz.
Yitsu EDT | 3.3 fl. oz.

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