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Royal Jelly Classic Trio

  • 0000305473
  • $89.00

Build a bee-utiful gift with three luxurious classics. Best-loved Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced uses sirtuin activators to energize and condition her complexion. Two specialized concentrates lift and renew, while Body Complex infused rich, time-released moisture from head to toe. For a limited time, pair both moisturizers with the concentrate of your choice for a special price - plus free ceramic jar.

Royal Jelly Body Complex | 6.7 fl. oz.
Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced | 1 fl. oz.

Choose One:
Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules | 60 Capsules
Royal Jelly Lift Concentrate | .23 fl. oz. each, 7 vials

Plus Free:
Ceramic Bee Jar


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