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JAFRA Spa Hand & Foot Care 2 for $28

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  • $28.00

Treat yourself to a spa-worthy mani-pedi with botanical hand and foot care. JAFRA Spa Hand Scrub gently exfoliates with jojoba beads as nourishing ingredients, like olive and soybean oils, soothe and renew. Day Care for Hands prevents environmental damage with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 and Intellishield while promoting even skin tone with chamomile and mulberry. Intensely hydrating Night Care delivers rich, brightening moisture with honeysuckle and vitamin E. Smooth your soles with JAFRA Spa Foot Scrub, a gentle exfoliating polish formulated with crushed pumice and peppermint oil. Intensive Heel and Foot Repair revives rough, dry skin with antioxidant-rich shea butter. Restore hydration with Foot Balm, a blend of rich emollients that soften and moisturize. For a limited time, choose two JAFRA Spa hand or foot care products for a special price.

Choose Two:
JAFRA Spa Foot Scrub | 4.2 fl. oz.
JAFRA Spa Foot Balm | 6.7 fl. oz.
JAFRA Spa Intensive Heel and Foot Repair | 3.89 fl. oz.
JAFRA Spa Hand Care Hand Scrub with Jojoba Beads | 2.5 fl. oz.
JAFRA Spa Hand Care Day Care for Hands Broad Spectrum SPF 15 | 2.5 fl. oz.
JAFRA Spa Hand Care Night Care for Hands with Shea Butter | 2.5 fl. oz.


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