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Blossom Duo

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  • $36.00

JAFRA's popular Blossom fragrances are instant favorites, and right now they're available for a special price. Rose Blossom is an elegant scent that embodies modern romance. This floral fragrance features the soft scent of Rose Centifolias and fresh floral bouquets as well as warm notes that are inviting and sophisticated. Gardenia Blossom is another popular floral perfume, featuring the velvety scent of Brilliant Gardenia from South India. For a limited time, save on one of these luxury perfumes as well as a convenient mini fragrance.

Choose 1:
Rose Blossom EDP | 1.7 fl. oz.
Gardenia Blossom EDP | 1.7 fl. oz.

Choose 1:
Rose Blossom Mini | .23 fl. oz.
Gardenia Blossom Mini | .23 fl. oz.

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