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Luna Bright Brightening White Clay Mask

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Banish surface build-up with JAFRA ROYAL Luna Bright White Clay Mask, a multi-action mask that refines, resurfaces and visibly brightens dull, uneven skin with dirt-dissolving enzymes and our exclusive Royal Jelly RJx.

Need to Know

  • Helps draw out dirt and toxins and absorb excess oil
  • Made for all skin types
  • 98% saw a dramatic, visible improvement in skin’s look and texture after 4 weeks.*

*Percentage of women agreeing in an independent consumer test in the US and Mexico.

  • Key Ingredients
    • Royal Jelly RJx - Exclusive technology that multiples the potency of natural royal jelly to help keep skin looking younger
    • Papaya - Natural enzyme that dissolves away surface debris and dead skin cells
    • White Clays - Contains mineral-rich bentonite and kaolin which absorb oil and help draw out toxins and pollution from the skin.
    • Freshwater Mineral Silt - Deeply nourishing bio-active that absorbs oil and helps improve skin cell turnover

What It Is

A multi-action brightening white clay mask

What It Does

Resurfaces, brightens and clarifies the look of dull, uneven skin


It’s good to whisk away grime, toxins and pollution with a purifying, brightening mask because toxic impurities that accumulate on the skin can visibly dull the complexion, aggravate sensitive skin, clog pores and accelerate aging.

Results and Information

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