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Revitalizing Sonic Cleanser

  • Item #96276
  • $79.00

Soft silicone bristles thoroughly yet gently lift makeup dirt and oil leaving skin fresh and radiant. This powerful tool is more effective than washing with hands alone. By removing dead skin cells your skin is better able to absorb the benefits of other skin care products.

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    Sonic Cleanser Wand Vibration Isn't Strong Enough To Make A Difference

    I want to start this review by saying that I hardly ever leave reviews. However, if something is really worth the money I will review accordingly to update a possible future buyer. The one star is truly for the Revitalizing Sonic Cleanser tool itself. The vibration is weak and in my opinion not powerful enough to remove dirt and grime from your skin/pores. My hands themselves do a better job of scrubbing and takes less time. The tool itself is nice and compact and the stand is very useful, however, for the price, I expected something way more powerful. It's just cheaper to use your hands.

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