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JAFRA ROYAL Men Post Shave Face Tonic

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Swipe on JAFRA ROYAL Men Post Shave Face Tonic to comfort skin after shaving and reduce oily shine, redness, clogged pores and razor bumps. It’s an exfoliating, oil-fighting powerhouse in a refreshing liquid formula. Mild astringents target excess oil, salicylic acid gently removes pore-clogging dead skin cells and Skin Comfort Complex combats the harshness of shaving. Leaves the face and neck looking calm, clear and shine-free. Use morning and night after cleansing or shaving. Apply to face and neck with a cotton ball.

Results and Information

    D. Powell

    Good after a shave, but scent is odd.

    It feels nice on the skin after shaving, but it has a bit of a sour scent. The other JAFRA skin products smell much better.

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