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JAFRA ROYAL Men Clean & Condition Face Wash

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Lather up with JAFRA ROYAL Men Clean + Condition Face Wash to clean and condition in one fast, high-performance step. The dual-action, sulfate-free gel formula gently removes dirt, sweat and oil to leave skin smooth and balanced. Infused with exclusive Royal Jelly RJx technology and nature-derived Skin Comfort Complex, it softens skin and facial hair to promote a smooth shave. Honey adds the feel of hydration, while caffeine has a calming effect on skin. Use morning, night and after workouts.

Results and Information

    D. Powell

    Smooth skin. Great scent.

    This stuff lathers up really well so I usually use it as a full body shower gel. It's amazing how nice it makes your skin feel. It's got a sporty scent but not overwhelming like other brands.

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