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Iconic Royal Jelly Set

  • 0000308193
  • $129.00

Beloved for decades, JAFRA's iconic Royal Jelly collection introduced the world to a skin-caring wonder. Our famous Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced uses sirtuin activators to energize and condition the complexion. Two nourishing, specialized concentrates lift, renew and diminish the appearance of lines, while Body Complex infuses rich, time-released moisture and nourishment from head to toe. For a limited time, get all four favorites for a special price.

Royal Jelly Body Complex | 6.7 fl. oz.
Royal Jelly Milk Balm Advanced | 1 fl. oz.
Royal Jelly Lift Concentrate | .23 fl. oz. each, 7 vials
Royal Jelly Eye Concentrate Capsules | 60 Capsules


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