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Makeup Setting Spray

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This makeup-saver should come with a cape. The Beauty Dynamics Makeup Setting Spray is a weightless, quick drying setting spray that keeps your makeup looking amazing for up to 8 hours. This mist contains natural antioxidants and moisturizing properties that will leave your skin better than before. Made with a blend of coconut water to soothe your skin and glacial water from the Monte Rosa mountain of Switzerland to refresh, revitalize and purify, the setting spray locks in moisture along with your look, all day long. Use throughout the day to feel refreshed without getting weighed down with reapplications. 100% of women said that their skin felt well-hydrated after using the Makeup Setting Spray. Set your look in place and feel flawless for hours!

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    It's great!

    It's great! It helps keep my makeup on all day, I only wish you don't have to fan vigorously afterward to keep your mascara and eyeliner from dripping...that's my only complaint. But if I do those things after I set my face makeup, it works like a charm!!

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