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Intensive Heel and Foot Repair

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Soothe dry, cracked skin with JAFRA Spa Intensive Heel & Foot Repair, an intense moisturizer that helps prevent dryness with natural ingredients and dramatically improves the appearance of skin on the feet. 

Need to Know

  • Intensely moisturizes severely cracked heels
  • Helps improve moisture retention
  • Soothes and softens the feel of dry feet
  • Made for all ages and skin types
  • Key Ingredients
    • Shea Butter - A natural emollient that hydrates and softens skin to alleviate dryness
    • Cocoa Butter - Helps skin retain moisture
    • Tea Tree and Castor Oil - Natural antimicrobial that helps soothe skin
    • Chamomile, Lemon and Cucumber Extracts - Assist in soothing skin
    • Vitamin B - Conditions skin and helps improve moisture
    • Vitamin E - Conditions skin and protects from free radical damage
    • Allantoin - Helps soothe skin
    • Glycerin - A humectant that helps skin retain moisture without irritation
    • Sodium PCA - Helps skin retain moisture and soften skin

What It Is

A restorative moisturizing cream made with shea and cocoa butter for severely dry, cracked heels and feet

What It Does

Absorbs deeply into the skin to improve moisture retention

How To

  1. Massage gently over clean, dry feet until absorbed
  2. Use daily after callus remover or exfoliator
  3. For maximized results, apply and cover feet with socks overnight

Results and Information

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