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On-the-Go Size JAFRA Daily Advanced Hand Sanitizer

  • 3.8 fl. Oz.
  • Item #36129
  • $8.00

Gentle enough for the whole family, JAFRA Daily Advanced Hand Sanitizer leaves skin clean, soft and hydrated.

Need to Know

  • Sanitizes hands without drying or irritation
  • Fragrance free and perfect for sensitive skin
  • Made for all ages and skin types
  • Key Ingredients
    • Aloe - Soothes and hydrates skin
    • Glycerin - Attracts moisture for lasting hydration
    • Alcohol - 70% of formulation

What It Is

An antibacterial gel made with aloe and glycerin

What It Does

  • Instantly sanitizes without drying out skin
  • Soothes and hydrates with moisturizing aloe

How To

  1. Apply a generous amount of gel to hands and massage thoroughly
  2. Allow to dry

Results and Information

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