Valentine’s Date Night Movies

What to watch if you’re staying in

Valentine’s Day is upon us and while this annual celebration of love is usually associated with a night out on the town, the simple truth is it can be just as romantic,  if not more so, to stay in. So if you’re among the many to hear the call of your couch on February 14th, why not redefine Netflix and chill with one of these Valentine’s Day classics?  

A late 80’s classic that won Cher an Oscar for Best Actress. This heartfelt, inspiring and utterly authentic romantic comedy set in Brooklyn is about passion, fate and never settling for anything less than a perfect match.

The Way We Were
In need of a good cry? Look no further. The Way We Were is a cinematicreflection on what makes two people click versus what makes a relationship work. It’s the ultimate tear-jerker for those who feel that “the one” may have gotten away.

Before Sunrise/Before Sunset
Ready to reminisce? The first two installments of this Julie Delpy/Ethan Hawke trilogy will have you feeling like a kid again. They may also remind you that magic exists and can be recaptured!

Sleepless in Seattle
And you thought your love faced obstacles. Visit an era when dating apps were unimaginable and there was no FaceTime for long distance relationships in the film that made Hanks and Ryan the rom-com couple.

Four Weddings and a Funeral
Get ready to swoon over Hugh Grant at his most charming. Andie MacDowell plays the American he falls for in Richard Curtis’s first, and quite possibly best film; and he’s the guy who brought us Love Actually!

Bull Durham
This  is a film where the female lead has all the power,and yet it’s still a “guy’s movie”.Kevin Costner’s speech defining love is one for the record booksand Susan Sarandon smolders as the woman caught between him and a younger, dumber Tim Robbins.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Would you erase your heartbreak if you could? Eternal Sunshine will help even the most broken heart heal by realizing that everything in love is worth remembering – even the hard parts!
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