Top Reasons to Join JAFRA in 2017

Will this be the year that you realize your true potential?

If you’ve ever considered becoming a JAFRA Consultant before, now is the time to go for it! You can join in just minutes and this opportunity can do more for you than meets the eye. So, why join JAFRA? Here are a few reasons:

At JAFRA, our Consultants are at the core of our philosophy. Our business is built to help you reach your goals as an independent business woman. All you need to do is be ready to earn!

Ditch the 9 to 5 
For many, the standard 9 to 5 just doesn’t work. JAFRA Consultants can earn income outside of the traditional workforce grind. Consultants can decide their own schedules and determine when they devote time to their business.

You Were Made For JAFRA 
Well, more like JAFRA was made for EVERYONE! You can excel as a JAFRA Consultant regardless of your age, background or education level.

Feel the Freedom of Flexibility
Earn as much as you want, any way you want. How much time you spend on your business depends on your personal goals as a JAFRA Consultant. You can sell at home-based parties, to your family and friends, to fellow beauty lovers on social media; whatever works for you!

JAFRA has an unparalleled compensation plan. Consultants have the opportunity to earn up to 50% personal commissions on sales. The more you sell, the more you earn. You can become a Leader and sponsor others to join JAFRA while earning exciting trips, free JAFRA beauty products, cash bonuses and jewelry.

Start Your Own Small Business, The Smart Way
A huge benefit of the direct sales approach is the removal of risks and financial barriers for the Consultant, like overhead and start-up investments. Becoming a Consultant gives you the freedom to focus on maximizing your earning potential immediately.

Sell What You Love
The unique and extensive JAFRA product line sets us apart from other beauty brands. We carry more than 700 innovative beauty products in the categories of Skincare, Fragrance, Makeup and Bath & Body. Our philosophy combines science and nature, resulting in effective, earth-friendly formulas. JAFRA was the first to bring our groundbreaking Royal Jelly skin care products — now legendary — to women’s daily beauty routines.

It’s Fun!
Some call it, “social capital”; the sense of camaraderie and the joy you feel when you are having fun making others feel beautiful and making money while you do it!

Be a Part of a Whole
When you become a JAFRA Consultant, you become a part of a team. The JAFRA Family is made up of more than 550,000 Consultants spanning 18 countries worldwide. You can strengthen your marketing skills and build new relationships while learning from the experiences of others.

Find motivation in making friends and being a part of something new. Learning new skills can help reestablish self-worth and initiate improvement in other aspects of life. Just think of how amazing 2017 could be!

Ready to try something new? Start the New Year off with endless possibilities and join JAFRA!
JAFRA Cosmetics is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of beauty products, offering a complete range of skin care, fragrance, color cosmetics and toiletries. JAFRA creates beauty products and business opportunities that cater to all that women need, allowing them to explore, discover, reinvent and reveal their true potential. With the slogan “freedom to be you,” JAFRA celebrates the unique spirit within every woman, and all the things that make her imperfectly perfect and individually beautiful. Sixty years after its birth, with more than 550,000 independent Consultants and operations in 18 countries worldwide, JAFRA’s mission continues to be transforming the lives of millions of women around the world.

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