Building A Fragrance Wardrobe

4 Scents You Need

A fragrance wardrobe? Yeah, it’s a thing. Just like you’ve outfitted your closet with stylish staples like a little black dress and the perfect pair of jeans, you need a well-rounded fragrance collection that has the right scent for every occasion.
Choosing a fragrance can be overwhelming, especially with the abundance of options available. And once you make a choice, how do you know when to wear it? Perhaps you own too many you rarely use, or maybe you’ve been stuck on the same one for years. Having a signature scent is great, but it’s important to build a select set of go-to’s that cover your bases.
Don’t know where to start? We’ve broken down the four scents every woman needs to stay prepared for anything that comes her way!
1. The Everyday Essential
Your everyday scent should be relatively light and versatile. Think fresh and uplifting florals, fruit, or greenery that are inviting, but not overpowering.
We suggest: Gardenia Blossom or Eau d'Arômes.
2. The Night Owl
This is your chance to change it up if it’s a night out that calls for it. Grabbing dinner or drinks? Go for a deeper scent with warm or spicy base notes that add after-dark allure to any fragrance.
We suggest: Pastel Mysteria or Adorisse Pure Gold.
3. The VIP
As in Very Important Perfume, of course! Break out this scent for special occasions—think dates, weddings, galas, and parties. Go for bolder scents that get attention, whether it’s spicy and warm or sparkling and fresh.
We suggest: Paris et Moi.
4. The Scent of the Season
No matter the occasion, you should always have a scent on-hand that feels of-the-moment—one that’s on-trend and practical for the environment. Think light and uplifting notes when you’re showing more skin in hot weather. Go with stronger, warmer notes when you’re layering up for cold weather.
We suggest: Vesen in the summer, Inégale in the winter.
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