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Top trends for your fingertips

The latest news in high impact nail art is all about new colors; from sheer shades and muted pastels, to glitter and graphics, your manis and pedis are going to be exciting this spring.

Solid & Chic
Sure, you can go with one color for your hands and feet, but what’s the fun in that? Tempt yourself with some new and unusual shade combinations. Light grey, mango, bright blue hues and opaque shades of pink and white, are all popular new picks. Of course there’s always classic red and fiery orange, but for a fresher take on bright red hues, match your lip color to your manicure when the occasion calls for it. If you’re ready for a little more nail fun,   use three or more coordinating color choices to paint your fingers and toes. Just be sure that your polish picks have a similar depth and vibrancy.

The New French
This year, the French manicure has gone from basic to Instagram-relevant with a plethora of creative duo-tones. Try a sheer color on nails and add bright, metallic, or glittery polish to the tips. Try an upside down take on the French look by outlining the area around the cuticle instead of the nail tip, or using a contrasting color on the moons of your nails. The detail brush from the JAFRA Nail Art Tool Kit can help you create fine lines to make these DIY nails happen for you at home.

Nail Art
The possibilities for nail designs are endless. Nails that are dipped in glitter or covered in multicolored stripes or polka dots are just some of the nail looks of the moment. If you’re getting artsy with your nails for the first time, make sure to allow enough time in between coats and colors for each shade to dry completely before you add another. JAFRA Rapid Dry Nail Lacquers help speed up the process.

Fingers and Toes
 Any of these new trends will work well in one color for both your fingers and toes. If you prefer a look that’s a little less complicated, select  one color from your manicure design to use on all of your toes. For a touch more drama, embellish one  statement nail in a stand out color or design. 

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