Lunch Time Pick-Me-Ups

Ways to Give Your Look a Mid-Day Lift

We’ve all been there; staring at the computer as the afternoon approaches, foundation almost entirely absorbed and hair quickly losing its luster. What’s a girl to do? If you want to finish the day looking as fabulous as you started, try these lunch time beauty pick-me-ups!

Take a Walk
If the afternoon doldrums threaten to bring down your energy, you can bet they’re impacting your look, too. Get your blood pumping with a quick walk around the block, or even around the office. You’ll lift your spirits and your look will follow suit!

Give Yourself a Spritz
Everyone should own an atomizer. Why? A spritz of water on the face a few times a day helps keep your skin moisturized. Moisturized skin looks younger, more supple and holds makeup longer. So go on, spray away! Your face will thank you and so will your attitude!

Brush and Balm
It may not sound like a beauty tip, but brushing your teeth mid-day will freshen your breath and your outlook on the day. Your bright grin will make you feel good and it goes perfectly with a well-moisturized lip. Apply some lip balm for a softer, smoother, sexier smile.

A full-face reapplication may be overkill, but keeping your concealer on hand is never a bad call. After a spritz, you can do a little touch-up for dark spots or blemishes that don’t stay hidden all day otherwise.

Tame or Unleash
Depending on your hair type and style, lunch is a time to reign in the frizz with a smoothing serum and soft brush, or revive your flat and fallen follicles with a dose of dry shampoo and a shake out. Whatever your tress, see to it that your do keeps up with you!

A big glass of water with lunch will help your energy and your complexion overtime. Meaning your beauty rituals will be fewer and farther between. Sounds good, right?
Stephanie K. Smith is a freelance writer working across mediums. Her pieces have appeared on sites ranging from to National Lampoon and she’s written television pilots for Fox, CBS, The CW and Legendary Television. She lives in Los Angeles with her son, Dash and their (girl) cat, Fred.

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