How to Master The Dewy Look Without Looking Oily

The steps to know to get the glow

Fresh faced and dewy is a makeup look that highlights your best features and gives your complexion that youthful glow. A little know-how is required to avoid a shiny, greasy finish as the application is about layering hydrating skincare products, creamy-based radiance foundation, and highlighter.
Step One
The first step is to begin with skincare products that provide the proper hydration for your skin type needs. Warning: If your face is extremely oily or prone to breakouts, the dewy look might not work well on you.
To get a head start on morning hydration, use a hydrating mask or brightening cream at bedtime like JAFRA Brightening Dynamics Night Moisture to reveal a smoother, brighter, more luminous complexion when you wake up.
In the AM, use a non-drying cleanser, and follow with a hydrating toner or serum, which may be all the moisture you need. Should your skin continue to feel and appear dry, add more moisturizer.  Remember to not overdo the application, and dab more on where necessary, allowing it to soak in, and then tissue off any excess.
Step Two
If your skin is clear, bright and plumped, touch up your complexion with concealer only, or dab liquid or crème foundation where necessary and blend well. If you prefer all-over coverage, choose a foundation with radiance properties – no mattes for this look.
Next, try an all-in-one product like JAFRA’s CC Crème Complexion Corrector, which primes, moisturizes, brightens and minimizes imperfections. Continue with a highlighter that catches light and illuminates your face, dabbing sparingly on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, across your brow bone, above your cupids bow and on your chin –only. Make sure to blend to soften hard edges; the effect will be a soft sheen.
With a dewy complexion, don’t overdo shine on your eyes and lips. Use a creamy formula lip color - anything that’s too shimmery or shiny will throw off the look. The same goes for eye shadow. Use a flat shadow if that’s what you have, then dab on a touch of highlighter over the color for sheen.
Step Three
To keep that dewy glow on your face, refresh your makeup with a hydrating facial mist throughout the day.

Daina Hulet spent ten years as the west coast editor for Glamour magazine covering beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She has also written freelance articles for national publications and created content for corporate fashion and beauty websites.

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