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JAFRA Cosmetics Enters Indian Market

Joint Venture with Indian Industrialist Family Shahra Signed and Sealed

Vorwerk is entering into the Indian market by partnering JAFRA Cosmetics with Ruchi Soya Industries Limited, a well—known multinational corporation owned by the Shahra family. The news was officially announced at the Vorwerk group financial press conference. "Ruchi has an outstanding logistics network and infrastructure at its disposal in India. The new company, JAFRA Ruchi Cosmetics India Private Limited in New Delhi, will sell JAFRA cosmetics direct to customers in India, initially using the Ruchi distribution network to build up customer contacts," says Mr. Muyres, a Vorwerk Managing Partner.

Ruchi Soya Industries Limited is the flagship of the well-known Indian Ruchi conglomerate and a thriving producer and vendor of soya oil products. The Ruchi group generates annual sales totaling more than three billion US dollars and the long-term plan is also to sell the Ayurvedic products Ruchi develops through the joint venture with JAFRA.

The main focus of activities will initially be in northern India, with the new company based in New Delhi. For the set up of the distribution the local management team is supported by a team of experts from JAFRA Mexico, the most successful JAFRA subsidiary, as well as from JAFRA Worldwide. "We aim to use our Ruchi contacts in India to approach potential consultants and win them over to the brand," says Dr. Fred Kroos, CEO. "We are convinced of India's potential as a direct selling market," he emphasizes. With the help of JAFRA Mexico and an outstanding partnership with the Ruchi Group, a well-known and thriving conglomerate, JAFRA is set to successfully make a name for itself in India!

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