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Community Involvement

JAFRA Mexico is proud to be a part of numerous community service events every year and there is one very special service that comes together during the holiday season. Every year, on January 6th (Day of the 3 Wise Men), employees from JAFRA Mexico open their hearts and make hundreds of toy donations to organizations that work with children with special needs. A different children's organization is chosen each year. Past groups have included:

  • The Michou and Mau Foundation for children with
    burn injuries
  • Friendship Home for children with cancer
  • Support of Indigenous children
and many more...

JAFRA Mexico - Community Involvement

JAFRA Mexico is also an organization which provides intense support during times of great need in their country. This support is provided to particular regions in Mexico when natural disasters occur. An ongoing fund has been created which supports families with clothing, medicine, economic support and so much more. These extraordinary services allow the women and children of Mexico to find support within JAFRA when it is needed most. Thank you JAFRA Mexico!